As Dan mentioned, Canada is voting on Monday. We have three major parties but only two have ever formed government, the Liberals and Conservatives. The third is our socialist party, the NDP, and there are also the Greens (who rarely win more than one seat) and the Bloc Quebecois which only runs in Quebec and is devoted to Quebec issues. Jagmeet Singh (left) is the socialist candidate, Andrew Scheer (middle) is the conservative, and Justin Trudeau (right) is the Liberal.

Polls are currently predicting a minority government, which means no one party would have enough seats to pass legislation without the help of the others. There are 338 seats in the House of Commons and it takes 170 votes to pass anything (assuming everyone votes, which isn’t always the case). In this election, it is unlikely anyone will get 170 seats so everyone will be looking for a coalition between Singh and Trudeau to govern. It’s even possible that a coalition could include the Bloc or Greens. The dealmaking will be on if there’s a minority.

Obama endorsed Trudeau which prompted some people to ask him to stop interfering with our election but the overwhelming majority of Canadians, including me, didn’t care at all. I personally hope Trudeau wins. We’ll see how it goes tomorrow.

Both Trudeau and scheer have approval ratings below 35% and Obama’s approval rating with canadians when he left office was 81%. If that endorsement helps him by 2% it could be big. It didn’t help Hillary though.

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Anyone who thinks we don’t have nutjobs in Canada should read this internet meme below.