No, it’s not. It’s actually brilliant and if you can’t afford it, in Canada, you can always apply for assisted suicide.

This total piece of excrement calling herself a teacher has appointed herself judge of who gets to be Canadian and who does not based on what they think.

Canada is sucking on free speech, but we lead the world in MAID. I’m proud of this.

Climate control. :arrow_up:

It seems we have appointed ourselves Robin Hood, stealing from the Russians to give to Ukraine.


God bless Canada for their tireless effort to end globalization. I think they should first confiscate $26 million from Roman Abramovich and spend every dime on making Ukraine great again, for Russian takeover lol.

I’m with FB on this, which is painful as I think Zuckerberg is the devil.

Tornado hits Alberta yesterday.

This is so stupid. I’ve been generally supportive of Trudeau but this tax on links is insanity.

Justin is getting divorced. I hope he didn’t cheat on her. And if he did, I hope it was with a girl.

As opposed to what, Reg? A dog? Where your hope lies should be reevaluated.

This is complex. The guy they killed is a loser, but we can’t be having Indian hitmen going around killing Canadian citizens in Canada.

It’s turning out to be Trudeau vs. Muslims in Canada.

Canada has made the excellent decision to expand MAID (Medical Assistance In Dying) to the mentally ill. Our wicked conservatives oppose this. Our country would be better if conservatives weren’t allowed to vote. Vile conservative video full of nonsense below.

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This was on the bathroom wall at the Charlatan, a pleasant restaurant/bar in Vancouver where we had brunch with some friends. I don’t agree with this sentiment, but it’s common.

Did the court act within their legal authority against citizens? If so, what law gave them that right?

Canadian road rage. lol. Love the pink shorts. Perhaps not the most intimidating attire but it’s Canada. We don’t do intimidation very well.

That’s cute lol.

This is from 15 years ago. It’s how Canadian cops deal with drug addicts peeing on the police station. lol.

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