Banal truth.

There are still some sane people in Canada.

I love this. Two guys ice dancing is just as good as a man and a woman dancing. Perfect.

We are totally lost. We’re not even allowed to talk about it up here.

This won’t settle anything. They will be back for more money in a few years.

I voted for this in Oklahoma. Making it a health issue as opposed to a criminal issue is a positive step forward.

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I’m also pleased it is heading in this direction. It was interesting in :us: how the attitude towards drugs has changed based on the color of the affected.

Ronald reagan was racist. I don’t think he knew he was.

I’m amazed but I agree completely.

Ronald Reagan was a simpleton. I don’t think he was racist. I think he thought throwing a bunch of blacks in jail for life for their third petty crime would magically improve things for everyone, including blacks. I think a lot of people have this simple-solution thinking regarding drugs and crime.

That’s the thing with right wingers. They oversimplify things and they look for simple solutions to complex problems. Left wingers, on the other hand, tend to overcomplicate things and look for complex solutions to simple problems.

My guess is if they were white, he wouldn’t have thrown them in jail. I don’t think he thought to himself that he was going to throw them in jail because they were black. As president, he should have treated Americans equally. It is my opinion that on this (regarding drugs), he failed miserably.

If he was going to jail whites the same way because it was easier, then that is definitely a simpleton move. The guy was in way over his head. 3 of the last 4 republican presidents have been complete morons and they havent had a good one since Eisenhower.

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Drug use and abuse affects everyone. :man_health_worker:t4::hammer:

Kamala must have taken notes.

You’re amazed that we agree? I know it is a rare occurrence but we have agreed before.

As long as a solution is found does it really matter how we get there?

This is a valid point. Kamala Harris had a similar approach to crime as Ronald Reagan. She now, unconvincingly, tries to position herself as a reformer, but her record shows no attempt at reform.

She comes across as very similar to Trump in my opinion, in that both have no principles at all other than ensuring that they are in power. They believe in nothing other than that they should be the ones in charge. Whatever beliefs can lead to their being in charge are their current policies, and those can change dramatically overnight.

I’m amazed that you support the extremely liberal idea of decriminalizing hard drugs. I’m amazed that you don’t defer to the position of your fat orange messiah who is against this.

No. It doesn’t matter at all.

I’m amazed that you don’t know the population of young drug users in Oklahoma prisons, many of whom will struggle to find work when released because some felony drug charges stay on their record forever.
I have a nephew who’s been in and out of prison most of his life on drug and eluding charges. The last time he was on the outside, he confessed to being institutionalized. Prison has never done anything to grow him. He is now a master con though.
I don’t want to support decriminalizing drugs but until someone comes up with a solution to treating addiction, decriminalizing small amounts is welcome change to imprisonment.

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All I can say to that is Amen.

Canada posted a C$3 billion dollar deficit over the last 8 months. The USA posted approximately a trillion and a half USD deficit, thanks mostly to Trump’s tax cuts. That is roughly 70 times per capita what the Canadian deficit is, adjusting for exchange rates. Trump sucks at this game.

PS: This is with universal health care and welfare.

Time to bring back the Eisenhower tax brackets.

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This is a good point. Everyone is freaking out that Russia requires foreign agents to register. There were huge protests in Georgia over it. The US has always required it and now Canada is requiring it and nobody cares.

Look at how disgusting this car is. I couldn’t imagine taking a car to get detailed and not even getting rid of the spanish rice.