This may indicate what the world has to eat in the end.

Rationing food is a given. Everyone knows that part.

Instruction on rationing properly for survival.

Water rationing and instruction because God loves us so much He wants us to know how to survive when dung hits the fan girls.

This demonstrates defilement and may indicate that the entire world has been defiled.

Indicating Gods people will defile themselves by becoming yoked with unbelievers.

This is where you, Reg, fall short. You can not take one scripture and tell the world God is evil because he makes his people eat shit and die. You are stupid and I’m getting angry.

If you all really want to know the truth, keep reading because Reg is pretending there isn’t more to it than what information he has chosen to present when there is.

No Michele, this demonstrates that the Israelites were instructed to eat bread baked in human shit.

No Michele, this indicates that the Israelites would defile themselves by eating bread baked in human shit.

Your crazy interpretations of these two extremely clear verses demonstrate that you are as intellectually dishonest on this topic as you are on the head covering topic.

Withholding valuable information shows how deceptive you are.

Ezekiel 4:14-15 (ESV)

14 Then I said, “Ah, Lord God! Behold, I have never defiled myself. From my youth up till now I have never eaten what died of itself or was torn by beasts, nor has tainted meat come into my mouth.” 15 Then He said to me, “See, I assign to you cow’s dung instead of human dung, on which you may prepare your bread.”

I’m not denying that God instructed them to eat food cooked over human dung, Reg. I’m disputing that you are spreading lies when you say “GOD MADE THEM EAT BREAD BAKED IN HUMAN TURDS.”

I’m going to assume your stupid rant is over and we won’t be hearing from you again tonight.

Hang on, you are seriously stating that because the Jews complained it was gross and in the end God let them eat bread baked in cow shit that this is somehow ok? God still instructed them to eat bread baked in human shit as I said, and it’s still extremely gross that they settled on bread baked in cow shit.

God, first Daniel screws obese girls and now you are noting the advantages of bread baked in cow shit over bread baked in human shit. This place is gross lately.

Unfortunately, that’s the way they cooked before the awesome advent of the oven. I’m sure it wasn’t pleasant. I’m sure they had to make the sacrifice because they defiled themselves. I’m sure you are clueless.

You have a vagina on your wall.

Nonsense. Israelites did not cook using cow dung before the punishment. There is zero evidence to support that, and if they had it wouldn’t have even been punishment. Go buy a head covering and stop typing nonsense.

I do? I hadn’t noticed one.

You are right. I was being flippant. I don’t really know how anyone cooked 5000 years ago. Do you think they had matches? I’m not being flippant. It is a legit question.

Hmmm! Nevermind. I’m not going to waste my time proving it.

You’re posting off topic…
Topic is: Nigel Farage will attend Brexit party at parliament square on January 31th

N * I * G * E * L * * F * A * R * A * G * E

We want Big Ben to bong!

House of Lord confirmed Brexit!
31. January confirmed!

Brexit law passed Queen and EU gangsters today, respectively yesterday

UK Independence day reloaded on 31st of January 2020 with Nigel and Daniel in London

  • fought against multinationalists, globalists, banksters and lies
  • a victory for descend people and those believing in nations
  • our Führer Nigel is going to ADDRESS A SPEECH to the masses
  • prepare for a biblical BRAND NEW DAWN on February 1st of 2020!

**** HUGE PARTY incoming ****


  • Yes, we are in for an epic party of biblical dimension
  • No, the scots will have the Brit’s embarassed by having them save every penny just for being scots and total sell-outs to the EU
  • I couldn’t care less

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Thanks for the info. I voted my true feeling.

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Shabat Shalom by the way…gotta listen to my torah portion

I don’t know. I know I will be making a poll soon.