Heady days for Brexit. It’s uncertain if May (or Brexit) will survive the week.

Brexit is now officially a disaster. Two weeks to the deadline and the Brits just rejected the deal again. Now it’s either no-deal or extend.

Where has Brexit gone?
Where does it hide?

Where has Brexit gone,
or is it just another lie…

In my usual spirit of graciousness, I hope the bloody Brits go crashing out and that their economy sucks for awhile. Teach them a lesson.

Well, you know me. I would appreciate Brexit greatly hoping Britain thrives and EU goes down.
But I do believe this is all a show for sheeplike voters. To soothen peoples anger and provoke sympathy for the Brussels moloch. I guess it will just keep on dawdling, the vote of British people never to be respected until everyone is lulled into maintaining status quo or even Brits bugged into accepting full EU immersion including €uro currency and no special traits.

This is all a play according to the New World Order plot to me.

I think you’re mistaken. I see them crashing out. A few weeks will tell.

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There is a new gun in town.

Old’ Nigel’s new party - BREXIT party!!!

Nigeeeeelllllllll !!!

He’s looking set to win. Good. I hope he does. Let them do a hard Brexit and then let them blame the right person when their economy tanks.

Hyper hyper

I’m all for it, Daniel. Let Farage win. Should be fun.

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Hyper Hyper!! (12 May 2019 )

Hard Brexit is looking inevitable now.

Boris Johnson is now the UK PM. Hard Brexit is approaching certainty. I have no idea what the Brits are thinking. They seem very determined to make a mess of things.

indeed. They deserve what they get. Most of them. England seems quite environmentally conscious, but people are saying this guy is like trump. I hope he believes the environment is real.

It’s Brexit 2.0 you crazy goat lovers!!!


Do you even call this new Boris Johnson deal a “brexit” when the UK remains under EU law for years to come, until they finally come up with a trade deal?