Big A

You have a stoney heart but the Lord will break it and set you free because I love you and I have prayed for you and asked God to show mercy upon you for you are a child of God. Everything I ask for in His will is given to me because I ask in His Name. Give Him glory and you will be forgiven because He loves you more than I do and I love you deeply.

I will pray and ask God to give you a new name and you will have it.

Peace be with you all today. For I love you and I want you all to be at peace in your hearts.

Admin, could you please delete this thread. I am not consenting to this person’s propostion of reinstitution of slavery.

I don’t like the sexual innuendo that somebody can simply have poor quality sex with another race they have discriminated against over a lifetime to remove their label as a racist.

You are going to have to ban this person or I am going to leave. Somebody this delusional that they believe have ownership of people they choose at whim not only effective immediately in this lifetime but greater so in the next is very unsettling. Coupled with her persistence of asking for information about my person and work etc. is threatening. Is she going to harrass family members, friends, blackmail me by threatening to slander me to my employer?

Or worse, is she going to show up and just take “ownership” of her self proclaimed property?

Not getting her way in things seems to have a devastating effect she will goout of her way to take retribution on at any cost.

I do not want a racist Christian Identity. Her definition has nothing to do with love. That is lacking here and the substitutions are unacceptable to me.

Oh the hypocrisy of the left. Free speech is only free to those who look at the world through your black eyes.

I will leave. I can not be where I am not wanted. And they want you. They belong to you, Satan! For there is no place for evil in the Kingdom of God. But so they will know the mercy of God is upon them, they have been given over to you. They will see with their heart and hear with their ears. Then they will have a clear understanding of all things. And they will know the Lord their God is with them and in them. But you will continue to be blind because of the hardness of your heart even when it breaks and it will break and is broken.

I hope nobody leaves but I am not going to ban anyone.

You are so ready for the meat of the Word.

Would you like to know the true definition of racism?


Racism is looking at others through natural eyes.

Natural eyes are on the outside looking in, at everyone else.
Spiritual eyes dwell on the inside and look outward at ones own self.
Natural eyes see color (of skin) but spiritual eyes see Truth (of others) in black and white.

I was rejected before as being “not a christian” or “that’s not christian”. Also some very good people were repulsed by that reputation before. It is clear to me why now. I do not identify. Nothing much has changed about me other than that.

I want to dissociate from this:

Since a “black and white” issue is something other than text on a background to some and inseparable, I just cannot make things “fit” where they don’t. I want nothing to do with the above, as many enjoy it and like to play and find advantage on either side of it. Also if that is somebody else’s true identity, I do not want to deny them of resource of a soul.

It is not love, and when you are told that it is, it is hurt.

Labels are for jam jars. Believe what you choose, Mark. When we are dead, nobody will care what labels we used to describe ourselves.

Maybe we should start a harrassment thread. I get a lot of junk mail Reggie. Stuff from charities that you give one time to and they continue to give out your address and network it for more mailings. Maybe it makes somebody look busy or productive but it begins to outweigh the donations cost and is self defeating. Even after numerous “return to sender” markings and returns it still keeps coming. It gets to feel like blackmail. Same thing went for a blood donation. I had to change my cell phone number because of the nonstop calls.

Now maybe this offending person posts a picture after not showing herself for well over a decade. She posts her name and maybe even her address and occupation demanding others all do the same. Her name could change and might be soon. Maybe a divorce or some other event causing a separation. She may be losing those properties or they might be infested with pests or a sinkhole. People may be “holding” several houses at once but have a very poor financial future. Calling me a coward was very insulting and hurtful. Why does she need to know anything about me? Identity theft? “Who are you I know nothing about you, I ask and you calm up”. I am not asking her to sign any agreement or selling her anything. I have no business dealings with this person nor am I offering any.

Is she trying to bully me to see what she can get away with, with others? Does she think she can find somebody that these similar tactics will work on because she had success with an “inferior” she might think similar?

I don’t know these things, but this person has disturbing issues. I would prefer my full name and address not be displayed on this site. Why does she demand it? So her racist group might target me? I have given my name and phone number etc to people whom I want to.

Before her hurtful racism was obvious. By snubbing me or discrediting me or just showing how she can bully somebody into silence she no doubt received approval from her racist group. It was the little she could do at any opportunity to up her status. That is fine with me. I’m not seeking anything of the same. I really should be so insignificant to her that having no ties or dealings or even response would mean nothing. I am of no signifcance and should be of no resource to her. There should be no more benefit to addressing me or insulting me, and she should be self sufficient with herself and her preferred company with the status she received from her actions towards me.

Mark, I’m assuming you’re talking about Michele. I don’t feel she was targeting you, and I certainly don’t feel she is racist. That said, she chose to leave because (as I understand it), I would not believe in her religion. Her choice. I wish her well, and she’s welcome back anytime.

2 days after I moved in some white dude named, Tyrell, came to my door to tell me how great his church was. He left a flyer a month later. He will probably never see me again if he keeps trying to come at 2 on a ftuday.

A white guy named Tyrell? Is that even allowed?

That avatar has two women behind some very thick glasses. Do you know which one is even her?

By the way gemini is not a good sign for me when they go probing for similarities or just attribute things of themselves to others. Maybe she was hoping the bullying would open up feelings she has she thinks must be in others. Distance is a smart move here.

Talk to me!

I love you and I know what you are feeling and if you want to talk to me, you know how you can do that.

You aren’t helping them. Your pain will continue in you because of your stubbornness.

Why would you say I will go blind and continue to be blind due to some hardness at the heart of something?

Did you look at child porn and save it on your hard drive? Did you go blind from it? You seem like you are trying to coimplicate people in some marijuana & child porn ring.

Stop the Christian facade to redistribute your guilt. It is clear.