Big A


Maybe she has some plea bargain deal.


Stay away racist.


What’s wrong, Mark? A question with a question. :upside_down_face: one step forward…


You have poor and inferior eyesight and I don’t.


You have a weak and inferior cardiopulmonary system, mine produces massive amounts of force and pressure.


A lot of your attributes and your traits have been destroyed by things you claim you have resistance and immunity towards. You push these things off on others to make them feel weak or inferior.

Vinegar for example.


What else is wrong cancer wretch?


Keep going! Compare yourself to me in every way possible. I’m starting to draw a mental picture as well.


You are a racist due to sexual inferiority. It hurts me when you represent yourself as the best thing obtainable in life. You are shameless and it doesn’t seem you can ever be actually naked. Like everyone has to wear a t shirt and gardening pants with coats of paint because there is nothing else actually there. You are a disgusting and unhealthy feeling.


It is that sense of inferiority…that true knowledge of it and your lack of sensuality and feelings that make you seek out individuals to hurt and take from. And you called me a coward. You are a liar and can’t prevent your sickening iniquity milkshake self from spilling onto others.


Mmmmm…you’re just not really making me a believer. Put it in a song, Prick!


Uhhm. You are targetting the wrong person here, I guess.
Also, taking the knowledge from a left-wing hate site like SPLC isn’t a good idea.
C.I. (Christian Identity) is rather “speciescism” than racism.
It clearly teaches brotherly love amongst kindred people.
C.I. abbreviates from “normal” Christianity in teaching 1. africans are not Adamic humans and do not have souls and 2. that Eve had been seduced by a an animal disguised as a snake, thereby bringing sin (visible by mixed creatures and jews without souls) into the world.

Thats basically the teaching of CI. I haven’t seen Michelle teaching this anywhere.
British Israelism is a whole different basket. It’s like saying Islam is the same as Christianity because both believe in angels.


What have you done!


Do you want to talk to me or not?


I believe I found your milkshake.