BBad 2018


Michele, this is an undocumented feature I found that shows you everything you’ve muted:


Not funny.

Well, hold on. I’d rather say this could be the new forum software and fancy filters putting everything Trump and patriotism related ranking further down in the news and forums.
But then, one of my topics is on top. Mhmm. Seems as if I can manage to pass through their sophisticated filters, because I am red pilled, watching my Infowars daily. I am like Alex Jones. They cannot silence me anymore. Gone way to deep into the rabbit hole.


Gosh, are you using bbad on a phone?
No wonder crazy things happen.
Just by putting such a smart phone into my pocket, let alone taking it with me to bed, all kinds of crazy things are happening due to the jerky nature of touch screen operation.


This new BBAD works great on a smartphone, Daniel. It also installs as an app.



Plus Daniel, you can put it on vibrate when you go to bed with it.


I do everything from my phone except QuickBooks, usually without any problems. Didn’t know there was an app for it tho. :thinking:


Michele, just click “Add to home screen” in your browser and you’ll get the app icon.


I just hope Pastor Lindstedt received this mail.
bbad is lost without people of faith

PS: here is his current talkshoe channel “DeefusWunder’s Community Call”:


Lindstedt is inactive lately. He never got into Gab either.


Had my first crash just moments ago. ERR website does not exist or relocated. Did we break the internet so soon?


Sorry, that was me upgrading the site. I figured everyone was asleep. lol.


Just so everyone knows, this new software needs 30 min of downtime to do upgrades and they release one every few weeks. If the site disappears, please just try again in a while. You can reach me at reg at bbad dot com or reg at natarajan dot ca if it’s down for more than a few hours.


Maybe you overlooked these threads as they seemed to be addressed privately like Christmas cards.
Here is the one sent to me. Please read my posts left for you.


I was in consideration of a new thread with the topic of site tweaks, add ons, tricks etc.
I just removed One Click Note from chrome as it is not functioning the way it was before for me. Maybe you know of a similar type add on. Where I could leave a note for something I would want to post later or some site reference. I used to leave small notes on ideas I had that I had no time for research to post as a note that opened with the webpage. I would just delete my note after having referenced to prior thread or post or made a new topic.


I don’t use this but I know a lot of people use Pocket.


I should also add, for personal notes I use Google Keep. It won’t save web pages (I don’t think) but it’s handy to have notes on all my devices.


Now that I think about this a bit more, there’s nothing to stop you from storing links in Keep. I think I’m going to start doing that. I quite like Keep.


Well, that lasted only a few minutes. Both the Pocket and Keep extensions for Chrome immediately add a site when you click them, which is behaviour I can’t live with. Back to saving bookmarks. lol.


I wanted something the equivalent of a physical yellow sticky note that would open with a page like this one. I could jot down quick ideas I had at the time to lookup later or respond or create.


I’m mucking with colours. The site will be unreliable for an hour or so.