BBad 2018


I’ve changed the default view to “Latest” instead of “Category”. If you prefer the old view, it’s just a click away with the category button. This view is the recommended view with Discourse and it immediately shows you what’s new. No hunting.


I am proud to announce to the world that I have right carriage!


What’s that?


My right nut hangs lower than the left. I thought you were sophisticated


Nice to see you Will! Fear not. There are only 2 Trump supporters here, lol.


Good to see you again Dan. Yes, only two so far. Could be fun.


I find myself using BBAD exclusively from my phone. I need to figure out a way to make the news feeds available somehow without cluttering every page. I’d also like to be able to see the POM.

Still work to do I see.


I just want to send out hugs to everyone on bbad.
Blessings to this forum and love and healing for its nation ehhm I mean members.


A BBAD nation wouldn’t be a bad idea. Some island where we could talk politics without living them.


In the mobile version of BBAD, if you’re looking for unread or new posts, don’t use the dropdown on the left. Use the menu on the top right. That’s where you’ll find them.


My member is quite healthy thank you.


There was an odd setting that didn’t let you delete your posts immediately. They were hidden for 24 hours and then deleted. I changed it so you can now delete your posts immediately if you have post regret.


Is there a home button? I need a home button.


Click the BBAD logo at the top left.


I also never see the “Trump” forum on the home page. I always have to do a search for it.


Michele, this is what I see on the main page. Don’t you see the same?


I just posted in the Trump forum and then went straight to the home page and this is what I see…


It must be Gods will. He is obviously putting obstacles in your path.


My guess is you’ve muted it somehow. Here’s how to unmute it. First, scroll to the bottom of the Trump thread and you will see a little button. Mine says “Watching” but yours might say “Muted”.


Click that and you can change your view settings on that topic.



Ok what if I forget the name of a forum that I muted?