BBad 2018

Ok, I did it. Biggest change in 12 years. I didn’t want to do it but it had to be done. The old software was giving us security errors.

I know, it’s ugly right now. Give me some time. I’ll make it better.

The site doesn’t work if you have an ad-blocker.

I’m working on getting the news feeds back. i miss those a lot already.

You can still reach the old site at I will take it down in about a month.

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Antiseptic. That’s the word that keeps coming to my mind when I look at the new BBAD. I need to make more…septic. More clutter. More lived in.

And I just learned you need to scroll up to see prior posts just like in the old forums.

Congratulation, Reggie!:star_struck: No security issues here. I like the emoji upgrade and I especially like the photo upgrade. Well done!

Thanks, Michele. I don’t like it yet but I’ll keep fiddling until it’s ok. The photo upgrade, you mean the uploading of photos here?

Yes! Ummm…post must be 20 characters?:face_with_monocle: What if I only want my yes to be yes?:slight_smile:

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Ok, I have the POM showing up. Now I need to fuss with the news. I’ll look at that tonight or tomorrow. I really hate not having the news.

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I’m here. Been super busy. I’m moved in. Just working on the house…

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I can help you.

Did you already decide on a preferred spirit for christening?

And your no to mean no. This complicates things.

Really took some effort forcing my way in here, but well worth it. I like the topics you have selected to streamline productive discourse.

Ugly is an understatement if you look up anything in old forums. I hope this starts off well and is long lasting. And no comments or issues with weight. This is a herald of good and deep relations to come.

Hello, Mark. Good to see you here. I hope you put up a pic of yourself as your avatar.

No air of mystery? I like to leave some things to the imagination.

Fine, you can have a big P as your avatar. Whatever works. :slight_smile:

I love that feeling of buying a new home. Exciting days for Dan.

I didn’t touch news yet. I decided to focus on the appearance, which I now have looking better, at least to my eyes. I also redid the POM archive which is now at and is mildly interesting for anyone who has been here a long time.

News next.

Okay, I liked a couple of entries. I can like. I am searching for woman again, so might be I am less interested in politics at the moment being in heat. But you know me. Tomorrow is another day, another idea.

Great work, Reg. Even though it feels weird …
Therefore you might be entitled to a hearty “like”

We have news! I mean, we have a news section just below the header. This is incredibly important to me as it’s how I stay informed, generally. Now I am finally happy with the new site. The software is really growing on me overall. Much more modern than PHPBB and so on. It’ll take me a long time to get used to containers, but that’s life. I had hoped to skip them entirely for serverless but BBAD forced me to learn more about them than I ever wanted to.

I’ll send out a mass mail tomorrow telling people they’ll need to re-register if they want to still be part of this. I’m not sure that many will but I’ll send it anyway.

I’m sure there will be plenty of bugs that will manifest themselves over the coming weeks. I’ll try to solve them as they arise.

Now I better get back to real work instead of mucking with BBAD.


PS: It even looks good on my phone.