australia has many submarines as israel
they get it
you don’t have to check
i did it for you
think of it as an early christmas present

The Aussies go to the polls next month. Morrison is the most forgettable PM in recent memory but that might serve him well in times of turmoil. He’s behind in the polls but Aussie elections are rarely predictable. Even if he does win, the odds are good that he will be deposed by internal treachery as that seems to be the Australian way of late.

That didn’t go well for Scotty. He got crushed.

Not to detract from brutal crimes Australia has inflicted on First Nations people, recent events indicate the US do better than most at brutal crimes against children …

Hi Julie. Every country in the world was taken by force and displaced those who were there before including but absolutely not limited to Australia and Canada. Feel guilty if you like. I don’t.

can i feel guilty too?
it’s “the US does…”
not “the US do…”
“US” uses the singular form of a verb, despite the historical accident of its name

Australia is busy whipping itself again.

“Osprey are safe to fly……

…… but the aircraft has had a history of mechanical and operational issues, since its inception”.

Well done, Australia.

if the abos want a voice let them conquer some agriculturally diverse eco-system and call it home


Indigenous Australians call for ‘week of silence’ after referendum failure

I don’t blame Australians for the No vote. Bigger governments serves nobody, except themselves.

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It will be interesting to see if they can keep their lying mouths closed that long. Btw…though I would contribute to your contribution to BBad.

‘Reconciliation is dead’: Indigenous Australians vow silence after referendum fails

:point_up:t2: lol another non-clickable contribution.


I encourage them to stay silent for longer than a week. Perhaps forever.

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Gross. That poor mare. He probably had a couple of mangy looking dogs and a few stray barn cats. :nauseated_face: Ewww…I’m getting a mental image. :face_vomiting:

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It is important to respect Australian culture.

How thoughtless of me. ahem ahem hm it would an awesome tragedy if that animal lover suffered abrasions on his sexy knees.

I once asked Pete if he had sex with animals and he refused to answer.

My first thought was “I’m glad it’s a girl”.