I’m not sure if this is true but it declares them stripped of their freedom. I know how happy that makes you liberals too know the unvaccinated, diseased will be in lockdown.


Negative, dark and discouraging.


Australia’s freedom is garbage to you?

sorry, I don’t read the things you post. I just know it’s garbage.

There is mis and disinformation but there is so much it’s in possible or I’m just too lazy to fact check every single one and in a way, there is no point since fact checker sites are corrupt and twist the truth.

I just tell you that post said Australia is under marshal law. I don’t know if it’s true or not. I know a lot of photos are being posted showing them protesting the vaccine.

Of course you don’t but you post it anyway. Intellectual dishonesty. Crazy people like you will be the end of our democracy.


Australian Defence Force soldiers will undergo training on the weekend before beginning unarmed patrols on Monday.
our cities are burning to the ground

It will come to pass in the last days that the mountain of Adonai’s House will stand firm as head of the mountains and will be exalted above the hills. So all nations will flow to it.
Then many peoples will go and say:
“Come, let us go up to the mountain of Adonai, to the House of the God of Jacob! Then He will teach us His ways, and we will walk in His paths.” For Torah will go forth from Zion and the word of Adonai from Jerusalem. He will judge between the nations and decide for many peoples. They will beat their swords into plowshares, and their spears into pruning knives. Nation will not lift up sword against nation, nor will they learn war any more.
Isaiah 2: 2-4

meaningless drivel

i’m reading “The Fatal Shore”
it’s a history of what England did to Australia
i wonder if the eNGLISH plundered any other continents
i mean
what percentage of the continents are plunderable?
how many could there be?
there are no non-white people in Antarctica
why did they even try to go there?
maybe they were just making sure

14 of the 22 were british
that’s 59%!!!
or close enough

Twenty-two men died on Antarctic expeditions during the Heroic Age. Of these, four died of illnesses unrelated to their Antarctic experiences, and two died from accidents in New Zealand, and one in France. The remaining 15 perished during service on or near the Antarctic continent.

Expedition Name Country Date of death Place of death Cause Refs
Belgian Antarctic Expedition Émile Danco Belgium 5 June 1898 Bellingshausen Sea Heart disease [63]
Third French Antarctic Expedition F. Maignan France 15 August 1903 Le Havre, France Struck by broken rope 4]8
First German Antarctic Expedition Josef Enzensperger Germany 2 February 1903 Kerguelen Island Beriberi
Second German Antarctic Expedition Walter Slossarczyk Germany 26 November 1911 Mount Duse, South Georgia Suicide or accident
Second German Antarctic Expedition Richard Vahsel Germany 8 August 1912 Weddell Sea Syphilis [55][73][74]
Belgian Antarctic Expedition Carl August Wiencke Norway 22 January 1898 South Shetland Islands Washed overboard and drowned [63]
Southern Cross Expedition Nicolai Hansen Norway 14 October 1899 Cape Adare, Antarctica Intestinal disorder [64]
Swedish Antarctic Expedition Ole Kristian Wennersgaard Sweden 7 June 1903 Paulet Island Heart Failure
Australasian Antarctic Expedition Xavier Mertz Switzerland 7 January 1913 King George V Land, Antarctica Cold and malnutrition (Hypervitaminosis A) [75]
Discovery Expedition Charles Bonnor UK 2 December 1901 Lyttelton Harbour, New Zealand Fall from ship’s mast [65][66]
Discovery Expedition George Vince UK 11 March 1902 Ross Island, Antarctica Slip over ice precipice [65][66]
Scottish National Antarctic Expedition Allan Ramsey UK 6 August 1903 South Orkney Islands Heart disease [67]
Terra Nova Expedition Edgar Evans UK 17 February 1912 Beardmore Glacier, Antarctica Head injury, starvation, and cold [68][69][70]
Terra Nova Expedition Lawrence Oates UK 17 March 1912 Great Ice Barrier, Antarctica Starvation and cold [68][69][70]
Terra Nova Expedition Robert Falcon Scott UK 29 March 1912 Great Ice Barrier, Antarctica Starvation and cold [68][69][70]
Terra Nova Expedition Edward Wilson UK 29 March 1912 Great Ice Barrier, Antarctica Starvation and cold [68][69][70]
Terra Nova Expedition Henry Bowers UK 29 March 1912 Great Ice Barrier, Antarctica Starvation and cold [68][69][70]
Terra Nova Expedition Robert Brissenden UK 17 August 1912 Admiralty Bay, New Zealand Drowning [68][69][70]
Australasian Antarctic Expedition Belgrave Ninnis UK 14 December 1912 King George V Land, Antarctica Fall into crevasse [75]
Imperial Trans-Antarctic Expedition
(Ross Sea party) Arnold Spencer-Smith UK 9 March 1916 Ross Ice Shelf, Antarctica Cold and scurvy [76][77]
Imperial Trans-Antarctic Expedition
(Ross Sea party) Aeneas Mackintosh UK 8 May 1916 McMurdo Sound, Antarctica Fall through sea ice [76][77]
Imperial Trans-Antarctic Expedition
(Ross Sea party) Victor Hayward UK 8 May 1916 McMurdo Sound, Antarctica Fall through sea ice [76][77]
Shackleton–Rowett Expedition Ernest Shackleton UK 5 January 1922 South Georgia Heart disease [78]

Another five men died shortly after returning from the Antarctic (this does not include the significant number who died on active service in the First World

They are lucky the Antarctic didn’t kill them.

God, don’t do it, Australia. The only thing you should learn from Canada is how not to do this.

Judging from the article, they are already doing it.
This is really disturbing. I mean, it’s a disturbing thing to discover these brutal crimes against children in any country but when you read that it possibly happened in a second country it becomes terrifying. The things that run through my mind are how many other countries are there and do we need to investigate every country?
What about all the CEO’s that have stepped down? Has this brutal crime evolved into the global war on women and children that we see today? Is this part of a larger conspiracy against children in the Catholic Church? Is this what Trump was warning us about when he exposed the child trafficking crimes against humanity? If it is a global conspiracy, someone out there is going to keep pushing until every disgusting secret is exposed.
Oh, uhhh, good morning, Perverts and Gunda :grimacing:

What brutal crimes against children, Michele? I am unaware of any widespread brutal crimes being uncovered in these cases. Children were buried in graves without stone markers when they died. This is not a “brutal crime”.

I thought mentioning the CEO’s stepping down was enough information but maybe I was a little vague. I was referring to child trafficking.

Little 5 year old children modeling lingerie on the Victoria Secret runway isn’t a brutal crime either but if this innocent post offends anyone I will delete it.

There is probably no connection between this :point_down:t2:man and brutal crimes against God’s children either.