First wildfires. Now this. Perhaps Australia is being punished by God for its sins.

they need to stop eating babies

Did God whisper in your ears or did Satan tickle them? Perhaps it’s Geo-engineering.

Ok, this is a bit chilling. I just thought to myself what I’d do if my cards stopped working. It wouldn’t be pretty. I need to think this through a bit. This could easily be a trial run by the Chinese government or some other such malice.


Frightening thought!

I spent most of the day paying accounts. Fortunately I was not impacted.

It’s not hard to imagine the whole cyberworld crashing. Poof! Then what?


Hospitals next!

We’ve kind of gone away from cash since covid. You can not pay cash for pretty much anything right now.

I hope this doesn’t get ugly down under.

Three-day lockdown for Queenslanders now.

Sydney has a 2 week lockdown! I was so close to not escaping!

Hiya Julie.

Health authorities are hoping a three-day lockdown will be enough time to find any new coronavirus cases.
“The risk is real and we need to act quickly,” the premier said.
“We need to go hard and we need to go fast.”

Well I guess I shouldn’t be surprised here. They are making it sound like there’s an emergency when there’s not. They are making sound like you must act quickly or everyone is going to die. “Hurry, go hard, go fast, move quickly before everyone finds out it was a human experiment.” Those are lies, IMO. That’s a bunch of nonsense and I hate to see anyone fall for so much deception.

“Now we are just holding our breath to see what happens next.”
Translation: close your eyes and pretend nothing nefarious is happening.

The woman travelled with her family between her home in Sandgate to Magnetic Island in Townsville at the end of last week.

I’m going to switch gears here for just a moment. I was drawn to the name Magnetic island. Sounds like a beautiful place so I had to Google and see the real estate in that area. I see why they call it Magnetic. Stunning views and the homes are gorgeous.

“We’ve just got so many different groups that have slightly different risk profiles and we’re trying to manage and balance all of those, and that’s what’s so difficult.”

They pretend locking everyone down is the the solution when in fact another lockdown is going to be economically devastating, not to mention the fact that a new lockdown in Australia is only going to be sensationalized in the media as the only solution to kill the virus. That kind of negative media attention is only going to spread to other countries.
Makes me sick to think they are going to betray us again but they are going to. Q followers were warned that there would be another lockdown so I’m not surprised but you may be shocked to learn how long those 3 days turn into.

I’m running late so I can’t comment on much else because I spent so much time here lol.

These are your words aren’t they? Why are they in quotes? To try to deceive that’s why.

Yeah that’s what I hearing them saying. People just need to ignore the noise. Maybe they will stop making demands and go away.

are nuts

Nobody cares what the voices in your head are saying.

Then you should care what they are saying under their breath because you are nothing to them. Taking you to hell with them is their globalist plan for destruction.

Oh church lady you are really losing your shit aren 't you?

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