Oh, boy. It’s a leftist and a banker. A match probably made in an Albanian hellhole.

This looks like Muslim terrorism on the surface but I am not sure who the guy is.

Uncensored version on X:

Edit: Initial reports are that it was a 15 year old who yelled Allahu Akbar before attacking.

Confession gone bad?

I’ve seen a few of his sermons. It seems he stabbed a very godly man and the people are furious, with reason.

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I agree, but he is a kid. They need to find who indoctrinated him.

What difference does that make? He’s Muslim. There’s your indoctrination.

Amazing to see so many people out declaring their faith in Christ who would have otherwise stayed home and played with the dog, but you won’t see them holding up their cross on the news. The media will see to that.

The Bishop prayed over him but this crowd had something different in mind. A stoning possibly.

I don’t blame them. That said, we must not devolve into mobs.

Too late.