Artificial Intelligence

lol osama… he will fistfight you!

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ban me punk

every republican president was in on the 911 attack

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how are you planning on not looking like a pompous asshole?
still, that’s better than a punk


I found Bill.

Why did you ban him?

Well, I didn’t actually “ban” him, I silenced him so he can’t post. That’s a matter of semantics, though.

I did it because I am starting the process of creating an advertising campaign for BBAD in order to try to get a few more users. That money would be wasted if every post is immediately followed by a heckle. No new user would tolerate that.

By the way, I fully expect he will return under new guises. He will find I can ban them faster than he can create them, though.

Is heckling going to be prohibited?

No. Heckling endlessly for two years with no other contributions might be.

This place has been quiet since Will died. I would like it to be a bit more active. I’m not sure where I’ll advertise but I don’t want that money to be wasted.

I’ve had Bill on ignore for about 2 months.

I think mine usually worked for 6 months, too.

Really? Does heckling bother you? I’ve had worse than that for more than two years without so much as a public warning. I suppose somethings are just more entertaining to you than others but that’s okay I guess. You deserve to create peace for yourself, even if we all need it.

When the heckling starts, you’ll be to busy silencing people to think about what you’ve wasted.

Why? What did Bill say that made you decide to put him on ignore?

I’ve never put anyone on ignore, regardless how mean they are.

Reg, have you released Bill from BBad jail, yet, and if not, are you going to?

I ask because I wanted to ask him about this post.

No you haven’t, Michele. Nobody heckles you. Nobody insults you or calls you names. People disagree with the things you post, which is fair game.

I hadn’t planned on it. I could try it in a few weeks but I will probably wait to advertise (within a month or so). As I’ve mentioned, I don’t want to waste that money. Advertising probably won’t get us anyone new anyway, but I want to give it a shot. Perhaps we need more RWNJs. I might advertise on an anti-vax forum or a trucker protest website.

You can PM him. I only restricted his posting. He can still get PMs.

That would explain the energy around here.

People are free to disagree. I just hate it when they deny the truth.

There ya go, more energy, that’s what you need.

I admit, you need to hear the truth, and badly.

I don’t want to talk to him in private. I want you to remove the restriction.