!ACHTUNG! Zum Rassetest angetreten


21 years old plus.

Your turn Michelle. I assume you are out cutting the balls off the male calves. I know how much you must enjoy that. NOW, you must be as honest as I have been.


That might be false. Those results are kept in a crime database and often used for convictions. Somebody might be trying to cover some tracks or even falsely implement you. That was the appeal and cost.


Wow! That made me smile and cry. Well done! I want you to know I am extremely grateful for your sacrifice. Which makes showing you my video that much harder.


Do you see similarities in the way we both lived because I do. Even tho I don’t know what life Mark and Dan had, I believe my life most resembles yours after you came home from Vietnam.


That was 16 to 19 years of age







Interesting results Daniel. But do not let anyone over butter you up telling you that “you did the right thing” and to “accept the results” and now confess to something you have no idea of. Lots of people are looking to draw attention away from their own scams and guilt.


They just wanted your DNA in a database and they got it. Now you are encouraged to get others to do the same. Some people are just gene wasted away always demanding genetic evidence for their lazy substance. Like they are milkshakes.


Look up genealogy websites and how they are used to catch serial killers and rapists.
People are desperate for genetics like dripping mountains of ice cream scoops or giant milkshakes. They need genetic mass to keep cohesive. When a “meltdown” starts to happen you bet they would falsely implicate you.


That was a nice collage of music, Wil. How long have you been married?


Or maybe you should find a song or 2 that best describes me and God to you now.


Not married. Together 20 years. I liked your collection of music too.


You must think about eternity a lot these days.


Are you ready?


We don’t have to talk about it.


You are not going to “save” me.


Lord knows only He can


Do you not care that you are dying?


Or do you just want to talk about the music?