!ACHTUNG! Zum Rassetest angetreten




I may not understand it but if that’s the way you feel, who am I to try and change your mind.


I do not understand why these two take over somebody else’s post with non relevant chat. Posting music videos about periods of their lives in somebody else’s genealogy results? One line pity statements back and forth. What is up with that? They did it to one of my topics. It makes it near impossible to read the original intent and experience shared.


Michele and Will…is it true viewing child porn on your computer causes blindness?


These two racists obviously have a child porn viewing or worse issue. Why would Will be “so sorry” for that child.

Like I said when the meltdown starts they are looking to implicate anyone. Both racists and both guilty of something. The marijuana ring they are trying to start up no doubt has some other lure.

Wake up and beware.


I don’t know what your diagnosis is but you are clearly insane. Leave me out of your psychotic ramblings.


I’m sorry, Wil. I can’t let it go. I have to know why don’t you care?


Then turn in Michele, Will.


I realize you were talking to Will but I’ll answer for my part. We’re all dying. Whatever is in store for us, I doubt it has anything to do with the various fables humans have made up to deal with that coming change. My guess is there’s nothing at all left for this consciousness called Reg after my death, but if there is, I’ll likely have billions for company whatever it looks like.


I can’t be part of a peer group here.


Ok for kicks and giggles, Hell is a real place. You have no problem burning for eternity? Because I have a hard time believing anyone is ok with that.


I’m sorry, Wil. I don’t mean to be pushy about it but I need more than just “No.”


Of course I’m not ok with that. So do you think I should convert to Islam so I can avoid it? They tell me I can if I just proclaim that Allah is the one true God.




You know what I like best on finding out being 25% Irish?
Yessss! I may now celebrate Saint Patrick’s day and listen to HAC’s music with even more intense!!! Grab a Guiness and cheers!



Music for Irish Covingtonistas…
In honour of Harold the author and separatist.