!ACHTUNG! Zum Rassetest angetreten


Good thing the old BBAD is now gone or I’d link you to the photos of his home. :slight_smile:


I think Daniel and MIchelle are meant for each other.


Don’t you think I saw it? Mine is similar but the laundry is done. :slight_smile:


I disagree! I believe Daniel has kept every woman he has ever wanted until he was ready to part ways with her.



Not according to his own stories.


Perhaps we should ask Daniel.


You seem to show great interest in Daniel. Are you seeking a deeper relationship?


If my relationship with Daniel gets any deeper, I will have to lock him in my dungeon until Rapture.

I seek a deeper relationship with you, Wil.


This will be a tough one. He seems to be a die hard communist.

I think the man in her avatar would mind.

Ohhh, Dulcinea!!!


I have a lot happening right now so I have to stop splitting my time. I want you to do something while I’m gone, Wil. I would like you to find a song that describes the first 5 years of your adult life.


Interesting. I just might do it. You do the same. Will it be “Onward Christian soldiers”?


Might take more than one song.


Funny you mention unicorns. A favorite of pedophiles to lure children with stuffed toys and stickers etc.
Were any of your children targeted recently?


I already have!


Before I start my musical memoir, here’s one you might like . . .


I will give it an honest try. More than one song though.


17 years old.


18 -20 years old.


20 - 21 years old.


21 years old.