!ACHTUNG! Zum Rassetest angetreten

Oh boy, I am exited.
I received results.

My estimates were according to my known family history:
40% Spanish (or swiss an no spanish at all if my mother cheated)
30% German
20% Polish
10% maybe Non-European (likely Berber or Venezuelan)

(for privacy reasons I’ll post coarse data only rounded up to 5%)

Oh boy.

  1. My mom didn’t cheat. Andalusian Spanish is my main heritage.
  2. Apart from my outer appearance I am not German at all EVEN THOUGH A WHITE NATIONALIST girl once stated that besides my yellow skin tone I look like a German Archetype.


Spain (Southern) 25%
Ireland 25%
Italy 20%
Netherlands 20%
Syrian Druze 10% (WTF?!?! ahhh I might be a Sakae, the remanent of ancient Israel)
Russia 5% (not Poland that is…but we have some …itsky and …wak in the family)

Less than 1% African Strrrrrrike!!!

…you jealous now?

Shit. I feel like having been in Syrian captivity for DECADES as an Brit’ish Israelite now.
I didn’t make it through to the Swiss-Germans (the highest form of being in Europe). But I am pretty sattisfied now.
All that unexpected Irish ancestry surely does account for my neat english skills, huh?

Just FYI as a reminder: WN leader Andrew Anglin scored almost 100% European and of that >90% northern European.

However: I am as much African as Anglin :wink: namely 0.something

What the hack is a Druze? Is this muslim? Is this Sabians?
This might really be a remanent of the ancient 10 lost tribes!! Hardcore. My sheep hear my voice, huh?

Druze seem to be isolationists (Covingtonistas :wink: )

…including racial make-up: light hair and eyes…

You do look German. You remember the German/pool table? You look like an older version of him from your skin tone to your jaw line.

I’m happy you’re being such an open book. Because I have question only you can answer.

You know the first one!

Do you dream like that often and have you dreamed like that lately?

Imho, at this late hour, you shouldn’t keep it to yourself if you have dreamed. Especially if you wake up thinkingaboutit.

No, I dreamt such detailed dreams only 3 times in my life. 2 of them were accurate, but totally unimportant like Reg’s catpix e.g. meeting a real-life person I haven’t seen in years at a certain place.

IMHO for more “spiritual” dreams, I will have to focus more on scripture and less on women and the daily routine.

You are young, strong, smart, handsome man, Daniel. Why do you keep looking for your woman? God is preparing your perfect soulmate for you. And because it is His great pleasure to do the work for you, He will bring her to you. Have a blessed day, Daniel!

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This is terrible advice. There’s a word for people who sit around waiting for the perfect girl to arrive: single. Go get your ass in the game and get yourself in front of some women.

Sounds like a come on to me Daniel. Michelle is lonely, with only cattle for comfort.

He’s not going to a high school dance, Grandpa! And look, he is 6’4”. I don’t think getting in front of a few women is an issue. And I’m sure he will. Just as soon as God puts her in his path. :relieved:

Again I respectfully disagree. It is a mistake to think this way. Every man has one or two good qualities that one can point to. Daniel certainly does. It’s enough to get sex occasionally but it’s not enough to find and keep a good woman.

To do that, you have to evaluate every single aspect of your person that’s within your power to change and improve those that need to be improved. These include but aren’t limited to: your grooming, how you dress, how you talk, how you behave in public, your hygiene, your weight, your fitness, your career path, your home, your ability to provide, your financial stability, your temperament, your emotional stability, your personality, your lack of bad habits, your lack of addictions, your ability to deal with adversity, your willingness and ability to do interesting things.

You can skip some and still find a good woman but you probably won’t be able to keep her. You need to try to address them all knowing you will fail at a few.

In today’s society, women are being told to ignore all that and look for losers based on intangibles but there are still enough women out there who value these things that it’s still the way to go. For now.

PS: Reading my list, it’s no wonder Trump has to hire prostitutes. lol.

Not only is he a diabetic but he is also an epileptic. You do not want this yoke on you. I have tried calling him and on several occassions he has dropped the call and lied he heard nothing. He has an immediate loss of vision to blinding light or suffers a total blackout. Sometimes he convulses or has a seizure. He will claim he has to go to the bathroom but it is only to clean up the immediate mess he made.

When he starts up with the weight issue you better cut the friendship right there. Otherwise you will feel nothing but the guys legs failing beneath you causing excruciating pain everytime you have to get off the floor come off a knee or out of a squat or even a chair or bed.

disgusting. I am not seeking for “some women”.
A spiritual one. And an Anti-vaxxer. And a homeschooler. And trying to follow jeshuah. A holy virgin. An anti materialist. No TV except from Infowars, biblical stuff, health stuff and alike. And keeping the food laws. And likes to barbecue in the bathtub. Of the same heritage as myself. Loves to donate for the national cause. And knows the bible better than me. And loves to make babies. And in pear shape form factor. And is seeking for her nation and the great awakening at dawn. And. And. And.
Chasing unicorns as someone once said to me. No worries, I am ready for compromises :wink:
Maybe I could make a female clone out of mine :wink:


ohhh, I hope it could be a woman like you :wink:

However, I am quite unstable these days. I am into all kinds of weird stuff. Lets see how it evolves. Keeps being troublesome yet interesting!

Oh, Reg! It would be obvious to any woman that Daniel meets and/or exceeds each of these awesome traits.

Good thing the old BBAD is now gone or I’d link you to the photos of his home. :slight_smile: