What could be worse?

oh it can always get worse or better :wink:

worse would be: being found and being abused by someone that is real

I agree but I think it would be rude for me to ask you to elaborate, again.

not rude but not needed either :wink:

Simplistic. It is profitable and in our interests to be civil work with others.

lol yes i agree, from my experience most people will gladly do that… until backstabbing you will give them more profit

Yes, I admit this.

why do you care what i do?
With Republicans holding more than 80 percent of the state House and Senate seats in Oklahoma, they are taking advantage of the largest supermajority in state history to push restrictions that appeal to their passionate and partisan voter base

violent protest rock abortion clinic

This is an interesting point. With most abortions being done by pill these days, it may be impossible for backwards US states to crack down on them. This article is trying to paint Canada as a player in that fight but I don’t see it. As long as other states have these pills, it’s easier to source and ship them from within the US.

Row vs Wade has been overturned. It’s a good day.

I guess that settles what’ll be on the news today. lol.

Imagine what else will be overturned.

And people think their votes don’t matter lol.

The First Amendment protects satire as a form of free speech and expression. The Onion uses invented names in all of its stories, except in cases where public figures are being satirized. Any other use of real names is accidental and coincidental.

Nice, Dan. What will be created for rapists is evidence of life.

In fairness, only Kavanaugh is accused of rape. Thomas is just accused of telling rude jokes.