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Big ups out to Argentina. Whitelash!

Is it such a wonderful thing here but not in the USA?

Your body could use the mass of a fetus and all those stem cells.
Too bad.

I’m sorry that must make you feel like such a wasted wretch and rotten vile soul especially when you can’t have it.

Don’t kid yourself. If I had your baby, I would kill it twice. This makes me want to change my political affiliation.

That makes my view liberal and my support conservative. :flushed:

I had no idea abortion was illegal in New Zealand. Anyway it’s not anymore.

Don’t complain about it, Reg. Just because men can’t legally obtain approval for murder. It’s a woman’s right and men who lead the world approve.

Abortion remains illegal in most of South America.

If Argentina is any indicator, it won’t be illegal long. Sigh*

Maybe, but I can tell you there’s no such movement in Colombia. It is illegal and all parties agree with that.

Sure, the usual exceptions. No “oopsie, my bad, let’s terminate the pregnancy”, however.

I support the Columbian abortion law, as long as the state supports the pregnant women legally and financially for that they don‘t face disadvantages because of the child (for example at keeping or getting a good paid job by providing free child care and paid leave when the child got sick, rental market, pension, and getting financial support for the child - as well as the mother, if she doesn‘t earn enough to support herself.

lol. You obviously don’t know South America. The state doesn’t support anyone financially. Family does, or they starve.

Are you sure about that? Those sneaky flockers work in the dark.