A new Pom


You bitch about the way I vote but you fail to do the homework in why I voted against her.


I see. “I disapprove of the way Clinton handled the Haiti earthquake, so I am going to vote for a fat fraud who has cheated his way to fortune, stolen money from the poorest people who worked for him, created a fake charity which he used as a slush fund, has no clue what truth even is, and who is now destroying your country which some people can’t even see because he cut taxes so the fallout comes later.”


This goes so much deeper than Haiti and if you even knew half, you wouldn’t have voted for her either. She actually makes Trump look angelic.

We talked about this before. Those people he hasn’t paid are contractors and there are 2 sides to every story and you are prejudging what you have no clue is even about.

When you are ready to talk charity, the Clinton Foundation is the biggest fake charity there is with 88% going to expenses.

If he is destroying our country, post the economic statistics.


No you are not because you are not a United States citizen with rights to suffrage. You will be stopped.


Ok, but you’re making excuses, Michele, and you’re not being honest with yourself. You hated Clinton. Fine. Many people voted against her. But that’s not why you voted for Trump. If it was only about Clinton, you could’ve voted Stein or Gary Johnson (pro pot fiscal conservative) or Evan McMullin.

You were enraptured with Trump. You loved him. You even talked about how you hoped Ivanka would one day be president after him in some kind of grotesque American Royal Family. That’s the truth of it. We all saw it.

Here you go.


50+ conspiring.


Sorry brb


I’m not denying that. I still hope she becomes our next president. And I would never vote for Jill Stein just because of marijuana. Fracking alone would prevent me from supporting her.

I do love Trump! He loves this country and he is doing everything he can to make it great again and he is doing it.

There was no one else and looking back I wish I had backed him sooner.


No Reg not the deficit. Economic statistics. You know what I mean. You and Dan would be in hot persuit of those statistics if it were 2015.


Looking back on Trump and his faults, there is really only one thing I really hated and that was the way he talked about women. But I now know that is no longer an issue with you, Reg, or Wil since Wil demonstrated the same pattern of behavior with his vulgar words and you did the same your vulgar action. Such hypocracy!


The deficit is an economic statistic. It’s a hugely important economic statistic. If Trump was doing well on the deficit and badly on growth, that would be the only statistic you were interested in. Instead, you’re only interested in the one statistic that (temporarily) makes Trump look good.

Your nation’s only hope is Mueller.


That’s so funny you should say that, Reg, because I can remember a time when you and Dan couldn’t wait to force feed me those same statistics when you were trying to glorify Obama.


Now you won’t even look at them


It wouldn’t surprise me if Mueller was one of the 40+ listed in the indictments.


That looks pretty good to me, Reg.


I was determined to let this drop but these last couple of comments are just nonsense.

If you’re talking about the Obama growth numbers, yes they were impressive, but they came along with fiscal responsibility. Your deficit was cut by 80% under Obama.

Now you are talking about “statistics”, which I assume refers to job and growth numbers which form one part of an economic picture, while refusing to look at the cliff Trump is driving the US off.

Michele, I mean no offense but it is totally clear to me that you’ve drunk the koolaid and that talking to you about this matter is pointless. Trump could (as he said in his own words) shoot someone on 5th Ave and you would still support him.


I agree. And that’s what makes this a perfect time to share something with you.




I want you to know I feel this is a point of tension.


I don’t want it to be that way.