A new Pom


She was. With Clinton trump and johnson.


She got 1.07% of the vote, which was lower than her polling at 4% but swing states wouldn’t vote for her. Nor should they.


So what made you vote for Stein? I was thinking she was pro-marijuana.


She was the best candidate. The smartest by far. The most caring. I agreed with pretty much all her policies. No wonder she got 1%.


I agree with all issues linked, but more importantly she was so much smarter than the other 3. Shes kind. Not embarrassing to meet with leaders. Not polarizing at all. I would have been proud if she was elected.


She would have been a better candidate against Trump. What a waste! Even in defeat, I can clearly see another mess Clinton made.

Obviously, you know I have issues with her stance on fracking.

Even with guns, her stance is to have stronger gun laws against citizens but she takes no position on gun laws against those on a terror watch list but she is more than willing to spend our hard earned dollars on government studies about gun violence. I can tell you for free that the reason there is so much violence in the world is because we have turned away from God.

The fact that she would decrease our military and cause us to be unprotected against those who would destroy us at first opportunity doesn’t really agree with me either.

To have the mindset that the ONLY way to fix our economy is to increase taxes, is unreasonable. Just because it’s the easiest way for a politician, doesn’t mean it’s the only way, as Trump has demonstrated.

We already struggle to pay for entitlements and Stein wants to add higher education to it? This is not even realistic to me.

And why is she against showing an ID to vote. You must know how suspicious that appears to a Republican, especially since she is against a border wall and failed to take a stand against sanctuary cities.


Which aligns her with the Orange Idiot.


As Trump has demonstrated by creating a TRILLION DOLLAR DEFICIT that your children will have to pay for. Obama REDUCED the deficit by 1.3 trillion. Trump has INCREASED it by the same amount.

You complain about struggling to pay for entitlements and yet you support an obese buffoon who has INCREASED your deficit by a TRILLION dollars?


They are aligned on no less than 10 issues.


I have to wonder which entitlement Obama “borrowed” from to make that happen? :thinking:


Yes, I support him because we are not robbing Peter to pay Paul.


Honestly, Michele, I try to be respectful but sometimes you say things that make that difficult. Trump is the very definition of robbing Peter to pay Paul. He cut taxes with no way of paying for it. He’s robbing the next generation to pay yours.


Only if the businesses don’t return. Perhaps Detroit will be resurrected.


I answered you. I believe it’s only fair you answer me.


Perhaps Atlantis will be discovered.


In Detroit.


Do I get my question or not?


I didn’t see a question. What is your question?


I wouldn’t dare ask without permission.

Do you approve of the way the Clintons handled the Haiti earthquake?


Honestly, I know nothing about that.