A new Pom


Because I like you.




It is a point of disagreement that I doubt will ever be resolved. That said, I intend to continue posting anti-Trump information and I encourage you to post whatever you want.


:joy::joy::joy: Sorry :joy::joy::joy:

Thank you for your permission. It is my plan to post what I want. lol


You are right! It will never be resolved.


You can’t really see the new POM unless you scroll so I’m reposting it here. It’s a sailing ship called the Lady Washington. I know nothing about it beyond that. Original here: https://flic.kr/p/eaKn9Q


Nice POM! Now I feel right at home with you.


Nice POM, Reg! Indicative of the snow storm that blew through Oklahoma yesterday. Unfortunately, I was just far enough south that it missed me by 30 miles. No, here it was all about the rain and coupled with all that we received over the fall months has saturated the ground. Everything from here out is run off. I am going to pray that everyone in need of a little rain this year gets their fair share cause I’m nice like that. :grimacing: Lord willing, everything south of Oklahoma will get it. :relieved:


Btw, the man-made park bench is a really nice added touch to an otherwise perfect blanket of snow over God’s beautiful land. Proof that God is willing to co-exist with man. :upside_down_face:


God has to exist with man. We are his creator. :slight_smile:


What park bench?


Here’s the whole pic, Will.


That’s lovely, Reg! If man created God, what was man’s purpose?


To explain things, of course.

Today we know that the Sun is a close star that the Earth circles. A few thousand years ago, the Norse tried to explain it and came up with the story that it was a particularly bright goddess who was killed by a wolf during Ragnarok. Other cultures made up other stories. Later on, the Jews came up with the story that a monotheistic God said “let there be light”, and even later on the Christians plagiarized that, and yet later the Muslims plagiarized it again.

For what it’s worth, a few thousand years from now, I would fully expect that the understanding of the universe will be even more advanced compared to ours than ours is compared to the Norse, and they will look back at our pathetically quaint theories about space with the same condescension that we look at the Norse and Jewish myths with.


What a great post.


I agree, Dan! But I was disappointed when I realized, after reading that fascinating story, my question wasn’t really answered. (Man’s PURPOSE for creating God)
If you like Mythology, there are gripping stories of Giants in the Old Testament.

Riding in on a white horse, in one story, is a Man full of Grace and Truth. Some say you can pray in His Name and your prayers will be answered. Crazy, I know!!! That is some intense mythology for those who enjoy reading unbelievable stories. It is probably much too vanilla for your taste though. :roll_eyes:


Did you just admit the Bible is just another mythology? You’d be right, of course, but I’m surprised.


Don’t be silly, Reg! I only felt I needed to bring it up to your level of communication for the purpose of understanding His miraculous story of love and life. :upside_down_face: