A new Pom

Is it not time for a new Pom?

I’ve noticed issues with the pom refreshing. This one is only a few days old. It should be a blue ocean. You might need to hit F5. If that’s what you’re seeing, I’ll replace it again on Thursday or Friday.

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I don’t see this. This is pretty.

I should make this the pom.

No, that’s ok. This Pom is better than that. Mountains are nice. You have no mountain Pom?

Mountains? Maybe this. I took this photo at the top of Mount Monserrate in the Colombian Andes not far from where I live.

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Bueno. Mañana.

When you say, “Not far from where I live” you realize it appears you are standing at the top of a mountain?

So I decided to see what this site looks like from a big screen but it won’t load. All I see is a big white screen. Now I’m curious!

Oh! It says security certificate issue. Even if I continue (not recommended), it won’t open the page.

I want you to change the Pom today. It’s not like it’s hard, since I know you put it there.

I’m not sure what you’re running but I use BBAD on a big screen most of the time. I find I have to turn the ad blocker off, though, as it thinks some of the posts are ads.

I’ve turned everything off and still nothing.

It lets me in a place called “flash chat.”

This is nice! One surrenders much for convenience.

You live near a mountain with Jesus for a view. You must wake up offended every day.

Not at all. The people here don’t tend to read or follow the Bible, although most self identify as Catholics. In the high Andes (where I am, about 9000 ft straight up), they are quiet people who tend to mind their own business. As you move down to the low Andes (Cali or Medellin), people are friendlier, and by the time you reach the coast (Cartagena or Barranquilla), they’re party people.

So you do live on a mountain. I thought the photo you took the other day was from a balcony overlooking a little village.

Faith is like that. For some, like your 9000 feet in the air where everyone minds their own business, faith can be a quiet experience and so tiny it would fit in a mustard seed. As faith becomes the driving force to produce good fruit, the relationship grows. As it moves into a new place of faith, Love becomes stronger.

So do you drink Coca tea? I hear everyone who lives high in the Andes drinks it.

Well, not “on a mountain” but in the mountains. The village you saw is called Mosquera and it sits at 2,516 metres (8,255 ft) above sea level. The mountain I took the photo from peaks at 3,152 metres (10,341 ft) above sea level.

No, and I’ve never seen it here. The Andes run all the way down to Chile so it might be common in some other places.

I’ll put up that mountain POM later today.

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