A new Pom


Yes, politically.


Dan, did you part ways with the Democratic Party? The reason I ask is because I read what you said about Clinton.


I am actually going to town hall today to register to vote. I will register independent. If I lived in NH last year, I would have voted for Clinton.

There were tons of reasons why we have agent orange in the white house. The DNC is definitely a big part of that.

I vote for the most liberal candidate. That was Bernie. Then it was Stein.

My vote meant something in the primary in Mass, but not in the general. Clinton won Mass by like 25%. I am in quite a swing state now, although NH is becoming more left with Mass folk moving up.


I read in an old post something about you walking away from Clinton. Do you know what I’m talking about?


Not really. I’ve never voted for her at any point.


My voting has gone…

2000 - Gore Gore
2004 - Dean Kerry
2008 - Kucinich Obama
2012 - Obama
2016 - Sanders Stein

At every point I have voted for the most liberal candidate. I will never vote for a Republican but my votes for the green party are certainly over. I will actually vote more with Democrats now that I’ve moved.


Even if Democrats are found to be corrupt?


Not all Democrats are corrupt. Some certainly are. They are after all, politicians. They certainly are not more corrupt as a group than Republicans. I disagree with pretty much all Republican policies and since they are even more corrupt in my eyes, I will most likely always vote Democrat until I move back to Massachusetts in 20 or so years lol.


Not all but a great many. I believe you are going to be surprised at the indictments.


Interesting. Why?

I believe you will be evem more surprised.


Reg, do you know they have something like 40 indictments on people who interfered with the Trump campaign.
That’s right, it’s not a question because I believe you know.


I’m in a swing state. I can’t throw my vote away on jill Stein anymore. I could do that in mass. I’m not sure a Republican has won in Massachusetts since I’ve been alive. If we didn’t have the electoral college, I would have voted for Clinton.


I’m confused. Did you not vote in the 2016 election?


What is your affiliation now?




From the frying pan into the fire.


I see little difference myself. Republicanism and Christianity are both evangelical religions that rely on faith instead of facts.


Let’s not get ahead of ourselves. The facts have not come out yet.


Yes. For Stein. If the popular vote won, I would have voted for Clinton.


I didn’t remember Stein being on the ballot on Nov. 8