A new Pom



Coco T.


Where do you live Michelle? In a religious compound?


I keep hearing about a new POM but have yet to see it.


No, Why do you say that Wil?


I would like to spend tomorrow evening with you.


Get control of yourself!


Just teasing. MIdwest somewhere I think.


and poof there is a new POM. Thanks Mr. Natural.


I even figured out a way to make it refresh unlike before when the old pom would stay in the browser cache.




Here is my church, Wil.

I live in Oklahoma. It’s been 18 years since I last walked in this church.


Why, Michele?


The short answer is politics.


I thought reg was going to make coco t the pom.

Politics do tend to play a role in religion. Very few religious moderates.


I would love to unload that issue but you know, I’m not home and I can’t think about it right now.

I would have preferred Coco T. to what I was given but I’m thankful for mountains.


Few but not none. Unitarians and Baha’i. Some United Church members and a few other denominations that ignore most of the Bible. Some Ismailis although they might die out when the Aga Khan pops. Literally millions of Catholics who just call themselves Catholic and never go to church and ignore all the rules.

Actually, “ignore” implies they know of the rules whereas many Catholics don’t even know or care what the rules are. If they have to be religious, I prefer the ones who are like that. My woman is one of them. She calls herself Catholic but she believes whatever she feels like which suits me fine. Her version of God doesn’t hate or kill anyone.


All the Catholics I know are politically one sided (both sides) and all the unitarians I’ve met are as left as I am.


I’ve never met a moderate catholic or unitarian.


I didn’t understand what you meant by moderate. You’re speaking of being politically moderate. I thought you were talking about having moderate religious views, ie. not believing everyone else is going to Hell and so on.


It was the end of Clinton’s term and his affair with Monica Lewinsky caused everyone in church to choose between loyalty to Party and loyalty to moral issues. It was during this time that Democrats were really starting to take a firm stand for gay and abortion rights but my church felt that it didn’t matter about Party. “We vote the person.” The only problem is that the person supports the issues of the Party.
Then our preacher, who was a Republican, told a political story between the Parties and the Deacon took it personally and began to whisper to the congregation. I already had built a close relationship with our preacher so I aligned myself with the him and when they voted him out, I went with him.
Just after Trump was elected, I heard Larry the Deacon did an interview about some farmers’ issues and even tho he didn’t say anything bad, he gave Trump a couple of jabs. This tells me they still support the Democratic Party. I’m not sorry I left the Church and changed my affiliation. I am sorry I stood up for our preacher because I found out about 2 years later that he beat his wife. :flushed:

The heart of the wise inclines to the right, but the heart of the fool to the left.
Ecc. 10: 2

CID gave me this Scripture and it was the deciding factor in the choice to change my affiliation.
Thanx you, CID, for helping guide me through that storm.