Workouts and Training

Sounds awful. Do you feel better the next day?

The lower leg below the knee when it is roled thoroughly allows me to run much farther without locking up or any sudden plantars’ fascitis seize up. The next day it does hurt terribly like I endured a fall or severe beating. But I cna breathe better if I spent a lot of time and did work on my ribs, front and back. I can stop shortness of breath with foam rolling and hydrating. By spreading the ribs and relxing the tightened fascia and connectiv tissues that wrap up like mummy bandage through movements I do. I do a lot of exercises I made up that look like twisting bodybuilding poses but just to twist the rib box aroud.

Putting all the weight on a shorter knobby dense foam roller is more painfulthan a softer long one. But you see the look it gives people. Like they used coke or pepsi and a whipped egg to foam roll.

Foam rolling in fitness is mainly for muscles. Flushing out lactic acid and wastes, improving circulation and undoing knots and cramps. That is why you see fitness professionals telling you to never foam roll your lower back or to roll the side of one thigh when laying sideways without putting the opposite foot on the floor. I have observed foam rolling by other people and it looks like they are a puck on an air hockey table. People have observed me faom rolling and turn up their nose like watching a roller type vehicle in a waste dump.

Good. Now let’s talk deeper than muscle and even more than tendons, fascia, and sinews. Let’s talk fear of osteoarthritis and bone cancer and overall bone degenrative processes. When I foam roll I use tons of pressure and I softenand squish all the fat and muscle and tendons over and over again until they really loosen up and part and then very painfully I use the immesnse crushing pressure of my wieght and gravity and a stiff foam roller (and sometimes I use metal!) to roll and massage the layer around the bone, the protective sheath that is highly sensitive and living the periosteum. That life givign sheath to the dead bone has nerves, nodes, and vessels to provide the bone through nutrient canals. Can you trigger something in it to become a bone master over dead bones? Well in theory the periosteum contains osteobalsts and osteoclasts which from brone and destroy it. Thus some fitness and medical experts will state you can never alter your bones and con’t do a thing about bone disease bone cancer etc.

I can. Maybe you can too. And maybe it is worth getting soft and fat and bruised up to wax the bones fat and strong. I do things differently and for a different reason although it may appear I do the same as others for the same results yet may appear not to have little success to the untrained or overtrained eye.

But my goal is the same…to roll you out of my body and space and work you out so you cannot ever work in again.

I did some breath mastery with my O2 trainer. Not going into panic oxygen debt slow garage jogging for endurance. That can hurt and I do feel a little hurt like wind in my skull carving horns in my brain. It’s not that bad though and I won’t be using it for several days of not more.

Instead of a cheap flimsy face mask maybe now is the time to buy the training mask. It looks like it holds the lower jaw firmly, but clenching teeth and impact or my runners concerns.

I should have included the word fitness in this topic. Everyone has their own idea of it. Sometimes I get at an “optimal feel” but I know that is going to hurt real hard and real fast once I get of an x,y,z axis. I see people doing free running as if they are spinning on a shop or office chair or jumping with a possible 20 foot concrete fall on a brick ledge as if they are stepping on the glass scale I use to track weight. Other times they walk up a building bracing hands and feet against flat walls with the same focus and balance I would use just walking down a hallway.

Life is painfully skewed to me in this way. Even if I were the same weight if I took 1/3 the jump or drop i would experience over 20 times the force.

I see the moves they make look superimposed to what I do in restrooms. It must be the pressure created and anti gravity.

I would like to go back to heavy iron training with ululations and exultations.

I long for the exertions, the ululations, excitations, and exultations of the training I love.

Quick question for Reggie and Dan, at your ideal lean bodyweights can you take a really solid punch to back, chest, side ribs?

God no. Nor could I when I was overweight. That is not a sensible goal imho. I don’t take solid punches in the daily course of my normal life, whereas the consequences of being overweight are very much present in the daily course of my normal life.

Not at all. I’m a good mover but I have the body of a stuntman. I would literally be thrown through the air.

What is the goal of 79 Kilos Reg? Have you been avoiding measuring or testing body fat or expect a sudden spike in performance and function of anything? Are you competing? Why not test for bodyfat or muscle mass? Are you going to attempt a yoga pose or certain lift 2x or 3x bodyweight?

Why the 79 kilos only as a goal? What about 80 kilos with big 80’s hair? Is this for a chart? Maybe you can’t lose the weight because it is a tumor. If you were under 79 kilos would you be trying to gain weight?

Do you still do arnis?

Good question, Mark. At 79 kilos I expect I will have a totally flat stomach. That is the goal. I expect none of the benefits you mentioned. No sudden spike in performance or function.

No. I haven’t done Arnis for many years. I still have my sticks, though.

Flat stomach 137-138 kilos.
021 022

It’s obvious, You still look like a slob and have a long way to go but don’t lose hope. That flabby gut will be tone in no time.

In theory it would make yoga easier and more enjoyable.
Those are extra arms in case I’m dismembered.
See much arm?
But you know how you slip away snake lady.

I see a lot of dirty belly fat here.

It’s less fat then what is on or composed of some of those 6,8,10,and even 12 pack abs. But you are right it’s flat because I’m lying in bed and it does bulge when I sit or stand. I wish I could just tell it off like “get out of my bed or leave my body be”.

It is going to take more work and a body scrub won’t do much unless I continue with the diet and exercise plan.