This chick is brilliant.

Brilliant is the word. What a puzzle. She’s a fine woodworker and hats off to her.

Japanese joinery -


Great topic Reg.

Interesting to hear him comment that the pawn is as difficult as any piece. I did watch the bishop video. I think that was his easiest. I don’t think he is going to make a thousand dollars off that. He might, but it will take him 3 days to make 32 pieces and a board. He also needs to buy the mahogany. As well as massage therapist if he tries to do it all in a row.


You’re right that it’s a lot of work but that’s just gorgeous. I wish I was that skilled.

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Me too. 1000 dollars for 3 days of work is pretty good.

Fascinating to watch that guy rock those chisels. Very skilled.

He makes it look easy. I think that might take me a little longer since I don’t have a lathe. Or any mahogany.

I think we’re looking at years of experience.

I agree. That might take me 16 years. Rather than 16 hours.

I shudder to think what that pawn would look like if I tried it.

It would be fun to see how different the 16 pawns came out.

Do you have a table saw Will?

Yes. Ryobi with attachments out the wazoo. Including a dedicated router table. It’s seen a lot of use.

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If your thinking chess boards I could do that. Not the pieces though, lol.

I have some very nice cherry that would serve as the dark squares as it darkens as it ages.

This conversation and another one inappropriately in the ham radio topic have me thinking about retooling my shop and making a few bucks here and there. We have a neighborhood website that includes several close by neighborhoods. I could do some small projects/repair type things. Not sure yet. I miss it though.

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(you are welcome lol) i do think thats a great idea! making some money and providing this kind of service / helping people at the same time is awesome

I have to put some though into it. It took years to assemble the shop I once had and would likely never be that complete again. A lot of money, though a little at a time like I did it the first time. The wheels are turning though, lol.

P.S. - Sorry Michele, I’m keeping the jointer.

Here’s a guy that did that _

This guy is my hero!

Docmentary is titled Bens Mill sadly no longer online