Wellness check

I think mental health officials (men in white coats) should be sent to Micheles house. She seems to be terribly upset about something. Probably the upcoming impeachment and jailing of her president. She is clearly off her nut and I am very concerned about her.

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men in blue shirts with pistols
but i am not overly concerned

If you were as wise as will, you would be….but I’m glad you’re not.

Make America Healthy Again? This bill is filled with plenty of funding to keep the US healthy, because, you know, it’s all for us and the conviction of our though-filled representatives to serve and provide us with the best possible outcome for our mental and physical condition.

It wasn’t mentioned in this article but they didn’t leave themselves out when they voted to give themselves a 21% raise. Apparently, they are, collectively, proud of their works.
No other nation in the world has ever invaded and bombed so many countries without suffering an economic war in retaliation for their destruction. This proverbial pat on the back was necessary to keep their momentum up in such a demoralizing, pressure-filled career.

I agree with that last paragraph. You are sounding quite anti-american of late. Not that I care. It’s just odd that I’m sure I’ve been accused of being anti American more than you have. I think I’m more pro america than most. I even think Donald Trump should get universal health care. And bernie sanders. And oj simpson. And you. And me.

Time to raise the federal tax on cigarettes again.

Laughing should be free though. No tax on laughter.

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If you’re pro-America, why do you get accused of being anti-America?

I wonder how many people have to die for you and I to get universal health care. :thinking:

I consider myself pro-American, too. I want all American military servicemen and servicewomen to live peacefully and not get shot at by enemy combatants in foreign countries during idiotic military campaigns usually started by Republicans. I want every American to have universal healthcare and free education. I want every American to be free to love who they want, wear what they want, marry who they want and use whichever bathroom they want, even if I happen to find some of their choices quite distasteful. I want every American to be able to live and raise their children with dignity and without poverty, even if that means the government has to take some money away from billionaires to achieve that. What could be more pro-American than that?


i want flowers

and well-run boarding schools

I don’t beat the drums of war and understand if other countries hate us. I want to improve this country more than most, I believe.

I’m curious when we will get universal health care. Probably not until 2030, now. Republicans will probably control everything until 2028.

I also supported kaepernick. Even though, I didn’t like a lot about him. He didn’t vote, so his opinion didn’t mean much to me. He was a shitty qb, too.

I don’t consider him to be anti american, if he was trying to improve things.

But…that’s what militaries do. They shoot at each other. It’s not a knitting class, Reg. I agree that it’s usually started by Republicans because Democrats don’t have the nuts required to defend our country.

Who pays for those who can’t pay for themselves? You know it’s unaffordable or the world would have already implemented a universal program. That can’t happen until Republicans, Christians and sick people die.

You want men to be able to use the same restroom as children. That doesn’t seem very dignified.

That’s not even realistic. The Word is clear that there will always be poverty somewhere in the world.

Everything. I’ll make a list.

People think you’re anti-America because you don’t beat the drums of war?
I think you’re anti-America because you put every country in the world above your own.

You refuse to acknowledge corruption in your own party and you want to improve this country? IMO, you don’t want to improve anything. You seem to desire a one-party system.

That reads like a tragedy. Quite disturbing knowing not enough sick people have to die for you to selfishly demand unaffordable healthcare for you and your healthy wife.

He’s too proud to stand in patriotism but humble enough to take a knee in protest. What an interesting choice of people to draw patriotic American inspiration from.
Your comments would probably reflect poorly to someone like an Tim Tebow, whom I’m sure you find repulsive, weak and unpatriotic for taking a knee in prayer on the field before a game, publicly shaming true Americans, like yourself.

2012 so a bit old but still interesting.

i converted 8,000 feet into 1.5 tons of canadian bullshit
gotta love the metric system

Michele, the overwhelming majority of American military campaigns had nothing at all to do with defending the USA. Iraq certainly didn’t. Afghanistan certainly didn’t. Yugoslavia certainly didn’t. Vietnam certainly didn’t. Korea certainly didn’t.

Michele, the large majority of the world has already implemented universal programs. And we’re doing fine financially. Far better than the USA is doing.

Men already can use the same restroom as children. They have always been allowed to do that. The only question is whether biological women can pee in the men’s room and vice versa.

I found something we can all agree on.

I’m fine with this, although it would mean that noon is not when the sun is highest in the sky.

I definitely do not put every country over ours. You are trashing ours and :kiss: Russian ass.

I’m the one that is pro universal healthcare and I’m the selfish one? Interesting. Are you against it? It sounds like you think it’s too expensive lol. And I’m the selfish one.

I don’t care about tim tebow. Or kaepernick for that matter. I don’t consider either to be anti American. They both did what they thought was best.

it is in that position twice a year
even in canada
even in the canadian senate