Wedding destination

Check this gorgeous place out for a wedding we are attending in September


Have you been to slovenia?

No Nick, this will be my first visit. Place looks scenic, can’t wait to see it.

Long trip.

We have to go to the UK anyway Will for family stuff, this is just a 4 day break within that trip. The luggage tag cost the same as the tickets nearly, so wasn’t a big deal to get there.

Funnily enough there is a 25 yr age gap between the groom and bride, mebbe I should alert the cops, lol

That isn’t criminal but it’s looking for trouble. Slovenia looks gorgeous.

He’s an old friend of Howard’s; they came to stay with us for a few days last year and the relationship seems solid and they are happy, so I give them a fair chance; even if they only get 10 years of happiness that isn’t a waste.

Let them take their chances like everyone else. God knows I’m in no position to give them advice. lol

Wow. Some people ship their luggage I hear.

I’ve seen my fair share of seemingly perfect matches fail miserably. No judgement calls from this quarter.

I no longer believe in marriage. It only brings lawyers in the end.

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I actually see the point to marriage in many cases but I was thinking the same about these two. They have a solid relationship with no cage around them, and they both surely realize age is coming and will cause them problems. Why mess it up with marriage? Anyway, their business, not mine. They may have their reasons, or they may just see it differently.

I don’t really differentiate between marriage and 2 people living together, but it makes life easier when it avoids jail, helps with visa’s and some people just need that official confirmation. Whatever works, to each their own.

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I was never threatened with jail for not marrying. My last marriage was probably comparable to doing time.

Chuckling here

Sorry Julie I don’t think you can make it in time.

Omg, … I am so past that level of raunchiness lol

Totally off topic, @ Reg, how are the rest of the family? That’s if you want to answer in a forum, no worries if not.

Don’t mind at all. Devin, my nephew that you thought was sexy, moved to Toronto, got married and is working on his second kid. My niece’s husband left her. The coward didn’t even have the balls to tell her. She just came home to an empty apartment and a goodbye note that his mother had written. Seriously. My sister and her husband are doing fine. My mother isn’t walking well anymore, but she’s doing ok. She uses her walker even at home and has no complaints. All is well.