Omg, just started selling genuine Seiko. I just bought a real Seiko Premier for under $100. They’re $500 to $1000 back home.

In a minor fit of temporary insanity, I bought this Casio online. Call it an inexpensive lesson in not wasting your money on cheap watches.

Do you like How are these prices possible? What’s the catch?

I’ve ordered many things from Wish. Most of it is total crap but if you complain, they refund you without asking for the item back, or at least they did for me.

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If you know it’s crap, why do you buy it?

I said most is crap, not all. Sometimes you score with a brand name that’s just in overstock. Sometimes you don’t care, like for some little plastic travel bottles I recently purchased. If they stop refunding my money without making me send back the item, I’ll stop buying there.

Look, I found something you might not care about but you can score with.

This is the kind of watch I could watch time go by with lol.

You like that? Not my thing but I’ll bet a lot of women would like it.

And just like that, a marketing demographic, a slogan and strategy was born.
“FacelessTime for Women”
You could advertise on Facebook.

Me? I’m not the one who likes that watch. lol.

Oh, I thought you wanted to sell it.

No, that thought never entered my mind. I did toy with selling watches recently, but not that one.

I’ve pretty much concluded it’s a bad idea for me to sell watches. I like watches and I would almost certainly make decisions based on what I like as opposed to what the market likes. Rolex is king right now but I don’t like them so it would be hard for me to buy/sell them. Vacheron Constantin is soft right now but I love them so I would almost certainly buy/sell them. Bad business.

You could always sell fake Rolex watches. Line 'em up on the inside of your jacket and work the street. I dunno, maybe you’ve lost that entrepreneurial spirit.

I agree. He’s lost it alright.

I’m sorry, Reg. That sounded like an attack on your mentality. You’re the most mentalest person I know. :grimacing:
I mean that in the nicest way

I too apologize Reg. I was just trying to help you make a few bucks. And yes, you are the most mental of all of us.

I agree with both of you. I think my relationship is falling apart. She has just left to visit her mother tonight and said she’d be back in a week. I’m not sure I’ll ever see her again. I wish you three were here to have a drink with. I know you’d mock me but whatever, it’d feel good to not be alone.

I agree. This is all your fault.

I understand how you feel. If you knock back a couple of shots of tequila, everything will be better in the morning.

The first thing to understand here is that it’s your fault. I sympathize with you.