Voting for me

i wouldn’t go out of my way for a cup of coffee, and i like coffee.
i like coffee more than i ever have in the history of this great country.
why would i endure voting?
register your opinion here, folks.
your opinion can move mountains.
but ya gotta have a Great Leader.
the world series sure has a lot of commercials.

oh yeah?
well, your daddy was a moron.
i hope you die before you can vote for what his daddy knew was right-thinkin’.
i don’t want to change your mind.
i just want you to die.

Voting is generally a waste of time but it sometimes makes you feel good. I’ve done it a few times. Not every time I’ve been allowed but a few times. Democracy is quite stupid although I know of no better system. I would prefer a dictatorship if I could be the dictator, but not otherwise.

My opinion can’t even move my bowels.

Why would you watch that stupid sport? Actually I watch F1 sometimes which is even stupider so never mind. Sports are stupid in general.

no you are stupid
so is yo mamma
hockey is stupid
baseball is sublime
unless yo mamma is baseball
then baseball would be stupid

dear reg
i crack myself up

ahh reg
you helped me when i was beyond help
you helped me when i was on that line
you helped me when i didn’t need help
i hope your flesh falls from your bones
but not today
no not today
william lowerre
why does your stupid spell-checker underline my name?

I remember you correcting my spelling of bestiality in about 1998. I spelled it beastiality and you told me there was only one a. I didn’t believe you so I looked it up and found you were right. I never made that mistake again. You then made the same error about 15 years later, bestiality being something we appear to discuss fairly regularly. I corrected you and told you there was only one a. I don’t exactly know what lesson there is to be learned there but perhaps there is one.

you should take your thank you and run

Don’t be silly. I might’ve gone the last 22 years misspelling bestiality.

i am voting for the geriatric wealthy white guy.
and i despise any fool who votes for the rich old male of european descent.

i think instead i will vote for a foreign born president

obama is foreign born
this i know
cause my savior tells me so

Obama has a 54% approval rating.

I wonder what it would be if he was white.

Probably somewhere between 0-53% or 55%-100%.

Deep thoughts.

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It’s a pity he failed to excite the crowd while campaigning for Biden, which is probably depressing to him. Someone should run out and comfort him before he learns what a loser he’s campaigning for, falls flat and has a Biden meltdown.

Less than 0. Let’s hope Biden can hang on to his rating.

A little high but I’ll go along with your probability.

Yeah, very deep and wide and filled with shit, you can’t even imagine.

in my town they have an express voting lane for biden supporters
six minutes start to finish gare-n-god-damned-tede
the machine is underwater
in my town they sell half the family farm
then complain about the new neighbors
you already spent the money chucklehead
make america great again

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this is an excellent article
5 minute read
take the time

You remind me of TheSilkyOne more every day.

#MAGA bro!!!