What is the most vile thing about bbad?
  • Talking about smoking
  • Putting medal in furniture
  • Mark’s food pictures
  • References to jared Kushner
  • Daniel’s goats
  • Bruce Springsteen songs
  • Pastor lindshits hygiene
  • Koolaid

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This is a doozy. I’m going with jared. What a horrible human.

my parents smoked, but they forbade me to
said it was a very pleasant hobby that could kill you
i’m like all “ok, if it’s that good, i can wait until you die from it to start”
i never stole their smokes

i don’t get the medal metal thing
that’s twice

Oh yeah. I spelled metal wrong.

I tried to add misspellings but it won’t let me.

I voted talking about smoking. Actually doing smoking would be even more nasty but that’s not BBAD related so I understand why you didn’t include that. You should be punished for giving me mental images about Lindstedt’s hygiene.

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Your poll did make me think that it’s quite a website where Mark’s food pics aren’t even close to the top of the list for me. lol.

it’s a real free speech zone on the internet

You are free to say that, Bill.

Others are free to not give a shit.

It is inelegant to play the victim, Bill. Nobody’s oppressing you here.

but when i joined the army, tobacco was virtually free
in fact, i stand upon my mother’s grave and swear upon a stack of bibles that this is true.
they charged you fifty cents a day if you DIDN’T smoke
jared kushner is a run of the mill suck up
with the opportunity of a lifetime
and should not be singled out for scorn

i never said i was oppressed
i said i was dealing with loose shit software
put me on level 0 hell, i’m a sinner
you wanna talk, or you wanna dance

i wanna get back on topic and past reg’s issues
so i reposted

Smoking. Will. Michele.

Can’t crap on my food. You always try.

We can hear your sarcasm with our eyes. You’re free to go find free speech and bring it back to us. We will wait right here until you return.

That would be like crapping on crap. Ewww!!!

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I couldn’t disagree more. Not normal behavior.

“A public-health expert who was in regular contact with Kushner’s team told Vanity Fair’s Katherine Eban that political reasoning may have influenced the decision.”

Who is the expert? I bet you care not.

Me either. “The premise of this article is entirely false.”

I agree. Kushner must have thought he was Moses incarnate and this is the last plague.

“The political folks believed that because it was going to be relegated to Democratic states, that they could blame those governors, and that would be an effective political strategy,” the unnamed expert said.

Why does an expert, in contact with Kushner, who is making serious accusations against the presidents son-in-law have the right to be protected from public rebuke? What kind of follower listens to this backbiter anyway?

Unfortunately, Dan has me on ignore so I expect no reply from him, ever.

There’s some convincing history about how the Nazis offered to save all the Jews in Germany but the Zionist Rabbis refused, saying “The European Jews must accede to suffering and death greater in measure than the other nations, in order that the victorious allies agree to a “Jewish State” at the end of the war.”

That’s similar to Kushner wanting to kill off the Democrat states. It doesn’t surprise me at all that Trump went along with that.

Kushner is more evil than vile to me. Vile usually implies an assault on my senses, usually smell or taste. Kushner looks like he bathes. He should also probably be hanged for treason.