We here at the Jared Kushner Defense Group need your help. Formerly deceased and almost deceased NYC mayors don’t come cheap. We already have commitments from an Emir from the Emirates, a Sheik from the Sheikerates, and a Nigerian Prince.
Unfortunately, administrative costs exceeded projections, so we need you fellow Americans to step up. Give like a democrat votes. Early, often, and through the mail.

Mephitic is a good term. Earthy too.

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His words were like his asparagus urine, horrible and vile offensiveness yet pure vitriol as oil of vitriol. They came forth as overpowering and impossible to deny or ignore such as a confession of mephitis.

Some things you say sound so ridiculous, I could have wrote them. This being one of the most far fetched accusations against a former Democrat. If Kushner wanted to kill off Democratic States and Trump went along with that, why aren’t they dead? Or did they die and resurrect themselves? Kushner has never had power of destruction over Blue states. I’ve listened to his words many times. It’s difficult to believe a soft spoken person such as Kushner could be so heartless. Think whatever you want. I choose to believe something different about him.

“Kushner’s coronavirus team shied away from a national strategy, believing that the virus was hitting Democratic states hardest and that they could blame governors,”

I don’t suppose the million tests that Trump purchased from China that were examined in two separate government laboratories and found to be “contaminated and unusable” had anything to do with why Kushner “shied away” from a national strategy?

That’s a great proposition. Gives me an opportunity to give twice, die and give again.

I read that article you posted. Those 10 questions realized more questions. Like here…

Why would Jews want to make their own suffer?

  1. “IS IT TRUE that the Zionist leaders in Switzerland and Turkey received this offer with the clear understanding that the exclusion of Palestine as a destination for the deportees was based on an agreement between the Gestapo and the Mufti.”

Why did the Gestapo and Mufti agree to it?

I used the word, “vile” today. My wife is a teacher and 12 year old students give her gifts. Today she got some caramel candy corn. Sounds worse than regular candy corn. Vile.

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No comment.

I don’t blame you. He probably has you on ignore also. It’s the best way to demonstrate patience.