This parent must feel awful. Unfortunate, that he didnt get an update on the vaccine. Its easy to blame him, but it’s really dr. Wakefield’s fault. At least to me.

It’s the quack’s fault for sure but it’s also the fault of the thousands of antivaxxers out there who promote unsubstantiated quackery.

It’s hard to believe you could still be duped by this guy. He’s a conman. I guess I shouldn’t call him Dr. Wakefield. It is now Mr. Wakefield, unless you are just counting his college degree.

5 dose vaccine costs 150 dollars. They made a poor decision. Poor kid.

Amish:family/branch decides. Sceptic views as on all tech with the Amish. Mayority ( 80-90% ) unvaxxed staying far from Babylon.
Hutterite: ???
Twelve Tribes: 100% hardcore anti-vaxxers like myself

Amish also do have a low rate when it comes to allergies and other defects linked to child-vaxxing even in comparison to other Mennonite groups like Colonialists.

What defects are from vaccines?


And I don’t mean to the vaccine but I’m positive you would have interpreted it properly without further assistance.

Lol. Yes. That could have been interpreted a few different ways, but I got you, without the help.

Daniel is talking about defects linked to child vaxxing which is different than giving the middle finger to community.

Lol. Yes, I know what Daniel is talking about. But I wasn’t talking about giving anyone the middle finger but thanks for the chat.

I am also talking about getting the world hooked on big pharma by messing with god’s affairs and order (( A )mother milk protects baby → ( B )little child goes through measles, few weak ones don’t make it → ( C )strong ones passing on their immune system information through mother’s milk). By breaking this godly circle made by our creator and replacing it by big pharma - a vicious circle of dependence - we are taking a mark of the beast, our children will have to rely on big pharma due to a crippled immune system.

Our great president just got less great in my eyes by receiving the mark of big pharma through the promotion of “forced vaxxing”.

If I am wrong, hey, you didn’t lose much.
But what if I (and other warners) are right?

Once you are hooked on

  • big pharma,
  • cashless society,
  • giving up national identity/ destruction of the nations

666 will never ever let you out of this. NEVER EVER. You and your children be doomed…

Of course they don’t let you find out, so they will play it down, but AFAIK immune system related, rather complex side effects apart from the short term risks (bad reaction of your immune system; yes there have been people dying from vaxxing!)

  • autism
  • auto-immune reactions like allergies, diabetes type 1
  • exposure of your babies as a vaxxed mother due to not passing protective counter-measures through your milk. A mother who made it though measles protects her newborn through her milk. Thats why they try to “hook” babies of vaxxed mothers ASAP to their machinery of death even though the immune system of the baby hasn’t fully developed yet and hence it takes a much more dosis (per body mass) for the tiny body to get hooked (baby’s immune system to react)
  • funnily enough as a side effect of vaxxing: not having gone through measles gives you actually a higher risk of exposure as an adult with worse risks than if had made it through as a child. That’s why all those hooked on big pharma already are scared to death of measles. They KNOW 666 broke their god-made circle of protection. Deep inside THEY KNOW IT!

tl;dr: he has no idea what defects are caused by vaccines.

That’s why I educated him by presenting my arguments in short

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Karma arrived and he deserved it.

Karma? I thought your god took care of that stuff. Welcome home dear.