Last I checked, I live on the same planet you live in.

That’s impossible. Trump couldn’t possibly kill a million people with virus all by himself if he had resistance.

I don’t know how you can make that claim in advance. How do you manage to get the inside scoop on suppressed data? I believe the vaccine did a great deal of unintentional damage to a lot of people but we don’t need to acknowledge that prematurely. In 75 years, someone will have to share the truth of the vaccine experiment and release Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine data to the public. Im so glad to have people like you around that knows how to get data before everyone else. You must know people in high places.

you can count the errors on one hand
but you will die without any fingers

I’m not completely stupid. I would even say I learned that daily ages ago.

good clicking

That guy looks awful for 40. I turned 43 on Sunday. That guy looks 10 years older than me.

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Bizarre. A small part of me hopes he wins, just to show how amoral Republicans are.

“an unthinkable breach of trust.”

Your constitution is silly, anyway. So is ours in Canada. Both are stupid documents.

It’s not just some random constitution. We are talking about Law. I can safely assume you support and trust the general director of The WHO, regardless what kind of idiot he is, to make decisions for every country on this godless planet. I’d like to remind you that when you put all your faith in one man, you may lose what little rights you have left, including holding the only weapon you have against him. I support your right to be that stupid.

You can’t safely assume that at all. The Director General of the WHO has no power whatsoever on any country. He can make recommendations. That’s it. I also don’t trust him at all. I haven’t seen anyone from any government admit that the response to COVID was botched around the world. We are all now walking around with no masks and no tests and no shutdowns, even though more people have COVID than ever.

I never said he has power although making recommendations for a sovereign country seems like powerful influence. I am stating that our incompetent president is handing US sovereignty over to the WHO. Yeah, you just can’t make this stuff up.

This enables the Director-General to declare health emergencies at will and can be used to justify ostracism and economic or financial actions against the targeted nation by other nations aligned with WHO or who wish to harm and control the accused nation.”

If your country sneezes in the wrong direction, Tedros will be there to catch the particles, analyze the droplets, declare a state of emergency and lock your ass down until he, personally, sees fit to release you from that cage you call home.

On this, we agree.

I haven’t heard anyone “admit” that either. It has been seared into my brain that Trump’s response was botched.

Really? I find that difficult to believe. Are we no longer including China in society?

Good point. I will rephrase: We are all walking around with no masks and no tests and no shutdowns in the western world, even though more people have COVID than ever. The Chinese and North Koreans are losing their excrement, however.

i have a cold
maybe it’s allergies

AOC got engaged.

To a guy?

Yes. A white guy. Slightly overweight. I think the guy is straight.

For now.

I thought she hated straight white men.