US Gun Violence and Motive

We will have a shortage of teachers and healthcare workers. We already do. I doubt my wife will last 15 more years teaching. This will be the last hospital I work in. Although, I could be there another 20 years.

I would assume the same will happen with law enforcement. I think it will be more of fewer people wanting to do it rather than a mass exodus of quitting. Which is what has happened in hospitals and schools.

This is exactly right. Who in the world wants to spend their career stopping cars, any one of which could now have a concealed handgun, 10 outstanding warrants and absolutely nothing to lose?

Hopefully, they get sued big time.

That’s so weird. I would love it if Amazon tested that here. Delivery right to my balcony. I want it.

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Are they trying to steal packages or making it more difficult for people? Probably the latter. I think more people over the last 6 years, purposely like to make other’s lives more difficult.

I don’t know why this is still news. Americans have made their choices. Thoughts and prayers. Mental illness. Guns don’t kill people. 2nd amendment. If they didn’t have guns they’d use knives. Immigrants and BLM are probably to blame.

Rant over? Whoever set this individual up for failure is to blame. I’m more than willing to blame any 3 letter organization.

If they didn’t have guns, they would use automobiles.


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If you want to go there we can but if our guns are taken away and people start using cars as weapons are you going to blame NIO and BMW, demand automobiles be removed from society and start riding a horse?

Score one for the pro-gun lobby. I am 100% in support of this old man shooting the arm off a would-be robber. A happy ending.

This isn’t even really making news in the US. lol.