US Gun Violence and Motive

Uvalde Shooter Fired Outside School for 12 Minutes Before Entering

40% of uvalde’s city budget goes to the police
the other 57% goes to bbad
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its never too late to grow up :wink:

This is obviously good, and may make some people feel good, but this whole witch trial thing is totally overblown. 19 people were killed. Just yesterday, 19 kids were killed in a school shooting that will be forgotten by this time next week. Let’s keep things in perspective.

their family and friends wont forget the ones that were killed

ok perspective; the people that sell weapons wont forget the amount of money they made from that but maybe in another 329 years the family of those people will clear their names since they helped a lot of people to “protect” themelves

And on the pro-gun side, some armed chick appears to have killed a potential mass-shooter. Score one for the right-to-bear-arms people.

Guns killed more people than cars in the usa in 2020. That’s a first. There are some bad drivers. There were probably fewer people driving in 2020 than usual.



i had no idea gun violence was a problem
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how many now?

how many now?

have you clicked on it lately?

what’s the frequency, kenneth?

This was the song that was playing when I came home from work and my wife and 4 children were gone along with all my furniture and appliances . She found love on the internet

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Oh look, the US House passed a gun bill knowing it will fail in the Senate. The very definition of political theatre. Everyone can now say they “did something”.

What if they gave each republican that voted for it a gun?

brilliant question, nickie
they already own several
why they might employ your brilliant idea
that’s beyond me

So, just as everyone is talking about more gun control, the US decides they need less.

Edit: they banned e-cigarettes, though. You can’t buy those, but you can buy a gun.

Isn’t freedom to carry guns great?