US Gun Violence and Motive

He was probably paid handsomely by George Soros and Friends.

Here are 6 of the 10 victims. The other 4 are white. The media can’t disclose that part yet, because the shooter is racist with a great deal of hate for his black victims. It should be noted that, imo, the shooter should only be charged with 6 murders since the other 4 were sacrificial offerings to gods in high places. There should also be a fresh round of debates over the use of big guns against so many innocent people. Perhaps Americans could limit themselves on how many big guns they can use against the innocent. One per household should be enough but there are a lot of innocent people here so maybe there should be 1 per person in every home or maybe there should be 1 per every structure on our properties. It’s difficult to gauge what would be fair to both shooter and victim. Maybe we should just hand it over to someone more qualified, like Tedros, who can dictate what is best for our daily walk and hold us accountable.

Rant over. I think I’ll go make Joe a big, hearty, stick-to-your-ribs breakfast.

The statements were clear and filled with hate toward the Black community.
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Of the 13 people shot, police said 11 were black. Beyond this, the loser posted a white supremacist manifesto online before doing this wicked deed.

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Asif the loser can write 180 pages. :roll_eyes: He’s either college-educated or someone wrote it for him. I think the latter.

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