US Gun Violence and Motive

Taylor Swift donated $100000 to the family of the woman murdered at the parade.

I dislike her but she came out against Trump so she can’t be all bad.

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That judge is stupid and the sentence seems harsh to me but America has been vindicated and justice has prevailed in this case. Good work keeping up with this case, Dan. Are you happy with the judges determination?

100%. You should be too, if you are a gun activist. This is not a stand your ground case. She was no threat. By the time she was shot, the car was turning around.

I don’t care. It was a harsh penalty, Dan.

You mean being murdered for driving down the wrong driveway? I agree. Harsh.

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No. For being penalized for a crime not equal to 1st degree murder when an illegal immigrant is released with time served after shooting a woman in the back, but I know, she was white so justice prevailed in that case.

He showed no remorse. He still thinks he did nothing wrong. That’s why he can’t be freed. It’s scary you don’t see that.

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Race has nothing to do with this one, Michele. The victim here was white, too. 20 years old. Shot in the neck by some gun nut who thinks the appropriate response to someone driving on his driveway is to fire a shotgun at them. She never got a chance at life.

This case marks the first of what will probably be many miscarriages of justice against white people. I fear it’s going to get real ugly here, this year.

Michele quit playing victim. God, sickening. A white kid kills three white kids and an Asian, and his two white parents are found guilty of involuntary manslaughter in a trial prosecuted by a blonde white woman, and you turn this into some horseshit about white people being oppressed. Vomit.

The victims:


The killer:

The parents:

The prosecutor:

I’m not playing you, Reg.

Yes, that was thoughtless. I completely forgot about gun owners and Christians.

When you vomit, do you ever swallow something like a little ball of food that you can’t force back up…gross me out.

There was gun violence over the weekend but to protect my source from attack I’ve chosen to omit the article from the post.

There is always gun violence every weekend in the US.

It was in Australia.

That was a stabbing, at least if it’s the one I am thinking of.

That’s right. I bet they ban steak knives over this.