US Gun Violence and Motive

That’s strange. You posted mass murder articles almost every day. The only thing that doesn’t get reported is when guns are attained in an unacceptable way or if the shooter is an immigrant or if the shooter is black. Because Biden reassured everyone, the only bad people are white people.

…Yet. Don’t we both know that’s the globalist plan or as usual, do I stand alone in that belief? Of course I do because you’re conditioned to believe the lie and you are whining because I don’t want to live by their rules.

You’re right. I don’t see it because I have no clue what I’ve won. What have I won, besides my right to defend myself? What I see is a fight every day for my right just to have a voice. You wouldn’t know about that because liberals can speak freely without being labeled a conspiracy theorist or a nut job, which completely invalidates the point any conservative makes.

What are you talking about? What is ‘it’?

That implies past tense. Have you lost hope that our guns will never be taken away? How disappointing that must be for you.

When we lose our guns and the government does something cruel, as we all know well they will, then you can celebrate.

If the neighbors are telling the truth, I agree with the family. Should be murder, not manslaughter.

That’s nothing unusual, Dan.

The attack was one of a number of shootings that marred preholiday festivities. Baltimore police are still searching for the suspects that killed two and injured 28 during a Sunday block party; three people were killed and eight injured in a shooting at a street festival in Fort Worth, Texas; and nine people were shot during a weekend argument at a Wichita, Kansas, nightclub.

Americans are so casual about their mass shootings. lol.

Wasn’t normalizing it the goal? Like the way they normalized homosexuality by changing it to transgenderism and calling it pride.

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There’s no reason these parents should be held liable for their sons actions. There is no evidence that they bought him a gun so that he could deliberately kill an innocent human. Of course, there is no evidence that they coached him on gun safety, which may demonstrate poor parenting but that’s a far cry from a motive to kill.

Until/unless your nation seriously addresses the gun issue, the only tool available to lawmakers is to spread the pain around until it hurts too much continue to ignore the real issue.

The exact same thing is true for pit bulls. Until we start taking action against keeping these dangerous animals in cities, we need to start charging owners with murder when the animals kill someone. Nico should be happy with that as he thinks it’s always the owners’ fault.

Self defense is the only real issue. We have every right to live and feel safe here as these illegal immigrants, even while they already have more rights and a better life.

I agree with that. Dogs only sense threats but even very young humans know right from wrong.

Also, you give pits a bad name when there are plenty of other breeds that attack unprovoked, such as President Biden’s dog. I suppose that’s acceptable since it’s a globalist owned German Shepherd.

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While I sympathize with them, I don’t see how a judge who swore to uphold the constitution in a court based on the constitution can rule that they should set aside that constitution to defend his “right to live”. This is the problem. The US constitution is stupid. Our constitution in Canada is also stupid, so don’t think I’m singling out Americans. Until we acknowledge this and stop trying to live how some slave owners who died 200 years ago thought we should live, we will never progress. This is why we will be surpassed by the rising Eastern powers. They are free to do what is right for them without worrying about what people long dead might think about it.

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I agree, Reg, but lawlessness abounds in the U.S. government.


I acknowledge it but my opinion means nothing and does not matter.

It helps that western powers assist in strengthening them.

Yeah, that is what they think. smh*

As heartless as that was, it was an isolated incident. People all over America are not out shooting up their hometowns. This is only going to lead to a debate on gun rights and another demand to ban them, although the shooters will probably be released without bail if they are here illegally.

Isolated incident?

Isolated? Are you kidding?