I’m doing a software update. Nothing earth shaking. BBAD will be down for a few minutes.

Well, that was far more eventful than I expected. lol. I fixed the problems. It’s working now.

There’s another Discourse update out. I wish these were either less frequent or less time consuming. BBAD will be down later tonight, hopefully just for half an hour.

All done. Uneventful this time. Hopefully no more for a month or two but that’s not in my control.

Great accomplishment and good evening comrades,

I am taking a break in September. Situation in Germany way too intense. Also seeking deeper knowledge, chasing women and total victory - just kidding.
I wish each and every one of you:

  • great studies
  • war for Christ
  • spiritual gain
  • happy feast of tabernacles
    and total victory.

Jewrs jewly, the Irishman of bbad…ahh and one thing: ¡Santiago y cierra, España!

Have fun, Daniel. See you when we see you.

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Doing another update tonight. I do wish these were less frequent. Hopefully minimal downtime.

All done. Relatively uneventful tonight.

Another software update is out. I’ll be updating BBAD later tonight. There’s usually about a half hour of downtime when that happens.

All done. Let me know if you encounter any issues.

I’ve encountered an issue!

I deleted him again. He will be back. I have no defense against someone using a proxy server. I could change the system to require approval for all new sign-ups but I’m too lazy. If it turns out that’s less work than deleting him once a day, I will do that.

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Another update tonight. It went smoothly from what I can see. Let me know if there are issues.

Speaking of updates, Starbucks will no longer let people watch porn on its free wifi. I didn’t know that was popular there. I wonder how it monitors that.

I assume those people weren’t allowed to masturbate in the stores, so I wonder what their purpose is.

You know what they say about when we assume.

Maybe if they bought a venti almond macchiotto circus w/ sprinkles they got a special ticket. Who knows.

You could be right. I don’t go to Starbucks much and never really pay attention to the people there. Half of them might’ve had their dicks in their hands for all I know.

Look for the cups marked “Dick”.

And add hater! Nice to meet you!