Hello, everyone! Been a while. Just taken a bereavement day and an extra day off as my other half’s traditional duties require her to be up here in Laxgalts’ap B.C.

My son, Clark is now 15 months.

I’ve been working almost non-stop it seems, done a couple of moves in the past 2 years as work got bigger so has life. With a few choices of companies here in construction I got into a job in Aviation. As I signed not to post my work, I’ll post a pic and you all can put 2 and 2 together.

I know earlier this year I posted, or maybe it was last year, that I’d post more often and visit here but really work is so busy and getting busier with restrictions lifting in B.C. so I haven’t really had much chance. Any free time has gone into Kentucky Mules or Manhattans lol

Will be back after a family meeting here later on, hope to hear from you all!

Johnny, great to hear from you! Don’t feel pressure to post. People come and go here and if we don’t hear from someone for a year, we’re just happy to see them whenever they can make it back. Your work looks gorgeous.

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Nice to hear from you Johnny. It is difficult to sum up a year with a post, but it sounds like you are doing well. I’m doing a little better than most at this point I think. I like mules, too.

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The top pic is actually of where I was fishing today for a bit at the docks in Laxgalts’ap. The second pic is the one associated with my work

Nice. I do prefer drinking my bottles neat or with a large cube or sphere but higher end bottles of bourbon or whisky are hit and miss… The terrible or no so great ones I use for mules or Manhattans which over the year I’ve mixed so many variations and only perfected for myself. I think my favorite mule so far is muddling a couple strawberries in before putting the rest in

Welcome back Jonny. It’s beautiful country up there. I guess Clark is old enough now to give you a run for your money. I did some poking around after your hint and maybe have some idea. Looks like a lot is happening there.

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Definitely is, Will. To both, Clark is getting to be a handful and work is just getting busier. With another larger scale project announced as well just north of where I am, will see how work goes this year I may be in the same company but another field

Fyi @MyBigMoon , for some reason I don’t see this as a direct reply to you on my end, it was intended though

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welcome back and beautiful picture
ah your son is 15 months already! time for some more babies! :wink:


Definitely was a topic, thinki, but Clark was a tough one healthwise to my old lady. I decided at age 13 I’d never bring children into this world but here I am now a father. The doc says he wouldn’t advise it and I agree with him as there were complications during pregnancy and delivery where we ended up having a c section. Thankfully Clark is very healthy, Karen’s recovered well but I think another pregnancy is out of the question

ah i see, sounds like a wise decision then… enjoy :wink:

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Welcome back, Jon. I would love to see a video of you and your toddler. Be sure and get lots of pictures in the future. This phase is short.

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Using a standard bottle of bourbon for a Boulevardier, a variation of the Manhattan tonight. Anyone else up late or early with me? Lol

early here. Good morning Jonny.

I get up at 510 during the week and 6 on the weekend, but I used to get up at 130 lol.

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Good morning!

I had some odd bug today. Chills. Joint pain. Better now. Getting old sucks. I’m told it gets worse.

perhaps another corona shot will help?

I doubt it is covid. Doctor Google says this is the flu.

whatever it is, may you feel better