UFO Sightings

I have decided we need a thread for UFO sightings. Here’s the first one.

Also this.

I read about this cigar shaped object the other day. How can they possibly determine what it is if they can’t even agree on its size. FWIW, I think it’s junk!

There is no controversy over its size. From the link: “If the reflectivity is high, the inferred size of the object drops from a few hundred meters (which was deduced based on the albedo of rock) to a few tens of meters.” It is purely a question of the reflectivity of the object which is uncertain.

You can’t really determine its length if you cant determine its speed.
This seems one physics application you could use the formulas time dilation and length contraction.
I fully understood these for about 10 seconds before the light and blink.

You sound like physicists trying to avoid the use of a formula.
Trying to force something else do the formula.

This is from an original star trek episode. Michele’s “cigar shape” description is tell tale of the classic episode doomsday device.

Trying to both prove you are oldies but goodies. Even without the tech of today you still had that ageless physics and space.

Mark, I took the “cigar-shaped” description from the article I read. I don’t do Si-Fi movies. Star Trek, ET, Star Wars. If I am going to take 2 hours out of my life to watch a movie, I prefer it to be closer to reality.

The Doomsday Machine? A 2 hour movie? It was an episode first aired October 20, 1967. But I suppose you already knew that.

Now this conversation makes me think that you’re not insane. If not, then you’ve been having fun with us. Not saying you are sane mind you. Only this short conversation. Otherwise I think you’re off your nut.

This 2 hour movie!

Edit to add: Now that I think about it, this was a tv series wasn’t it?

aliens living among us(a)
it would explain a lot…

Explain it.

it can be anything, everything or nothing

I choose nothing. Thanks for clearing that up. A real eye opener!

welcome lol

What is it?