Isn’t UFC mixed martial arts, where they fight in the cage?

UFC is a mixed martial art (lower case). MMA (upper case) is a particular organization for mixed martial arts that competes with UFC.

Right. I enjoy watching that type of boxing match. Especially women, like Gina Carano. Two women fought the other night but I missed it, a title fight I think.

I heard about her long after she retired. She got fired by Disney for posting this. It didn’t offend me any but it appears to have offended them.

They have all the power. She should have remembered they are a legion of people in a board room and she is obviously a stupid woman who has clearly been hit on the head too many times.

I watched this fight live on TV. According to some Russian speaking guy on TV, the Russian asked his corner if he could hit the opponent. The corner said yes. It was the corner’s fault according to that commentator. Either way, the Russian was destroying the black guy and would have knocked him out if the fight had continued.

Oh nonsense! That was no accident.

“I apologize and wish speedy recovery to [Sterling],” Yan tweeted in the aftermath. “I didn’t mean to throw an illegal strike, I just made a big mistake and paid for it.”

If he didn’t mean to throw an illegal strike, why did he ask his corner if he could hit the opponent?

Obviously he didn’t know if it was legal to strike at that moment and asked for clarification. He got incorrect advice according to the commentary I heard.

argumentative, move to strike.

Here’s a link to the story.

He was there in the corner, and Petr Yan asked his corner, ‘Do I hit him now?’ And his corner said, ‘Yes, yes, kick him’, and then he kneed you in the face, which was totally illegal.

Yan and his team communicated entirely in their native language of Russian during the fight, including the apparent instruction to knee Sterling while he was down.

As one of the few other Russian speakers inside the UFC Apex, Khabib heard the unfortunate piece of coaching and soon relayed the exchange to the UFC commentary team at Octagonside.

Doesn’t that just make you want to go back and watch the entire match over again to hear the instruction. At some point, they are going to have to justify coaching him that way. Still, he’s a grown man and he knows what’s illegal.

I’m not sure he does know. I sure didn’t know. UFC isn’t like boxing where if a guy is down, you don’t touch him. In UFC, if the guy goes down you keep hitting him until the ref stops the fight. I had no idea that particular kick was illegal. Look at these UFC knockouts. Every single one of these guys hits the other guy several times when he’s down. It’s how you do it UFC.

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I really lost interest in UFC. I have been doing some martial arts on my own from books I order on nook that are decades old. I’m not doing any boxing or kickboxing or karate or jiu jitsu or wrestling. Just some basic froms of gung-fu especially stances especially trying to work on horse stance. Still having trouble finding any power and keeping center and central line but its breaking me out of the box or paradigm of moves and mindset I had before.

The person who was most interested in UFC was Brian with his million and 1 sherdog clips. Last I heard he just went so far is ju jitsu he became some hermit and developed a style in the mountains. I think he goes by the name Oro now and was rumored to be the model for the character in the SF game. He seems to have lost all of his hair yet his name means “Gold” or “Golden” and despite questioned about looking green he answered from a quote from the Outsiders “Nature’s first green is gold” with a yellow smile.
When asked about an accident or his fighting style he actually tucks one arm away or holds a turtle and never uses it because of the sayings “I can beat you with one hand immobilized” etc and “I dare you knock this chip off my shoulder”.

They say despite hi art and style being basically passive and countering and redirecting attacks it can be brutal. Often times he throws, wrings and spins his opponents around like large loads of laundry. They say he fights to purge guilt and can absolve sins often inviting people to be washed clean from whatever stains to be as a new garment or loincloth or mawashi of sort. It really looks like him in a Zen state.