Ok it’s a freak show but it’s interesting.

are you obsesses with the internet thingie?

what does the time stamp tell you
i gotta go bitch slap the kids
omg brb omg brb

I imagine that’s what Mark looks like.

Still requires more force for me to get up from the floor, stand, or even “do squats” than both fighters combined. Not to mention even the obese fighter has a coordination advantage on me.

He’s 200 lb heavier than you are, Mark.

Whatever. Move the decimal point for the actual weight.

Yes, you are very correct.

I’m happy the girl won. That’s probably the closest that guy has ever gotten to a hot girl.

UFC doesn’t interest me. Have you seen what is trending now? It is actually very retro. And very sportsman like in conduct. You can see lots of Bas Rutten here too. Funny guy.

It looks futuristic and holographic but so did a lot of martial arts movies in the 80’s, 90’s, and 2000’s.

UFC just doesn’t look the same, like the people are not even the ring.

This isn’t some sell on smelly ice cream as a body mass substitute to absorb damage is it? That is really not being there.

crazy mark

Don’t give me any credit I am not asking for.

not to worry

That wasn’t actually UFC Reggie. It was MMA but not the UFC. Let’s just make this all martial arts and fighting thread.

If that is taken from you, what other things can you post?

Thank you for taking away fighting.

I’m focused on some new style martial art and it is like old style I already now and have been doing for years but never remember doing it.

This isn’t right. This is just mixed martial art competition from one promoter.

Not interested at all. Well maybe I would train with some old acquaintances still into it, but I just want to talk martial arts for practice and training, not ufc fighters and ufc mma techniques.

Mark, you realize you are free to make a new thread on Martial Arts, yes? You are even free to talk about martial arts in this thread. Nobody cares about being on topic here.