It will take a long, long time for your nation to heal from this human cancer.


lol. He just said Arizona should be recounted. lol. I guess I should have guessed that.


If he is still in France, he must be getting this news at like 1 in the AM. Arizona was just called. Or conceded.


He’s gone. He was in France for 44 hours.


She won by almost 2% so that should be recounted, but 0.11% should not, lol.


So the GOP is +1 right now. They will either be +2 or even. Maybe they just shouldn’t have a senator from Florida. Go with 99. House is an odd number. Stick with 99.


There is some question about that.


I’m afraid that you are right about that. So much hatred.


There comes a point where loathing and disgust are not sufficient feelings. He should be kept away from military cemeteries or any other place where the military are honored. What a giant turd.


I think this is my favourite Trump tweet of all time. In boasting about his ability to write, he misuses the word “pour” (it should be pore). lol.


Edited to add: He later corrected it (presumably after Twitter lost its stuff in laughter) prompting this response from JK Rowling:


Pore sounds too much like anal pore. Like some single cell organism.


Everything sounds like anal-something to you. Have you ever had a diagnosis of your mental condition?


Maybe it is worth the risk of inebriation for you considering a single celled organism defecating in your brain has the potential to destroy more gray matter and would die along with cells you destroy with the alcohol.


It’s not just Mark, Will. I read that tweet and thought what an asshole Trump is, too.


I’m not positive but I don’t think single celled organisms defecate.


Really Reg? You really think Marks post had anything to do with Trump?


Additionally if Mark were referring to Trump he would have used “pour” as Trump wrote and not “pore” which was the correct spelling. No connection. Only Marks insanity which you seem to admire somehow.


It was a joke. Sheesh. lol.


Oh. I guess i didn’t get it. Sorry.