Now I l kw what works.


We will see.


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Good night


What does that mean?


God is self. There existence and form. None higher for a god.


When one can not rewrite in their mind what God says, they become a god in their own mind.


Yes, a god.


It’s harmless, in this life!


I thought this was interesting. Nevada would rather vote for a dead Republican than a living, breathing, fully-functioning Democrat.


Why is counting always an issue in Florida?


Trump just tweeted from France that if California doesn’t stop the fires, no more federal money for them. What a sick fuck.


So far. 25 dead. The governor just asked for federal aid. I think the president is drinking wine in france, whining about the firefighters. What an awful human. Totally disgusting.


All nations should switch to an electronic system based on chipped cards and biometrics. Far less fraud.

And totally unsurprising.


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Check out this photo. Wow.


and Trump wants to cut off federal funds for the fire fighters. What a guy!


Obviously, something needs to be done. Forest management is using less than 20% on prevention and almost 40% on wildfires.


For some reason his tweet was the worst tweet I have seen from him. I guess everyone has their own.

Looks like the Democrats won the Arizona Senate race.


To celebrate veterans day from France, Trump stated that absentee ballots from US soldiers with residency in Florida should not be counted. Amazing, that he is actually a human.

I do wonder what it will be like when he leaves. The hate that is in the USA right now. Will it continue when he leaves or is something that will be with us after. I’m sure there are a lot of words that have been said that can’t be taken back, but the feeling of hate. Maybe that is something that can be healed. I sure hope so.