I appreciate the effort you’ve made here but I don’t want to get ahead if these cases and speculate on anything.

I can tell you didn’t write that. Let’s not forget about the fact that Trump was also gagged. Don’t you find that a little extreme? Don’t you think bringing charges against Trump was enough? I mean, was it really necessary to go that far? I believe it’s those little things along the way that stay with us on this almost 8 year witch hunt that has cemented Trump’s legacy as a political prisoner through lawfare.

How do you know he is a scumbag? Has he done something scummy? How do you know he didn’t falsify business records? Was he investigated for falsifying business records to cover that payment?

Trump didn’t hide anything either. Rudy Giuliani made that clear.

That may be true but I can tell you for certain it has hurt the Democratic Party in ways they will never recover from. Let’s celebrate :confetti_ball:

I know you aren’t up yet but I have one more question. The statute of limitations for falsifying business records in the state of New York is 5 years. Doesn’t it offend you that this DA has not dropped the charges based on that fact?

Obviously. I stated clearly it was from ChatGPT.

The whole Lewinsky matter was scummy. So was the Paula Jones thing. Bill Clinton was a dirtbag.

The jury doesn’t agree with you, and their votes count more than yours in this case.

You might be right. It’s too early to know for sure, but I wouldn’t bet against you on this one.

You or no other person here has answered half the questions I posted. Is there a problem with the way I’ve worded them or are you going to start demonstrating proper ways to carry out a gag order?

Don’t you want to debate the Law here or just glory in Trump’s defeat?

Yes, Reg, I saw that. I just thought you might comment at the end instead of posting a ChatGPT comment.

I agree with all of that and I’m sure if there is anyone in the world unfamiliar with Clinton’s history they will be enlightened by your reply but you didn’t answer my question.

That jury can kiss my ass. Everyone knows Trump was never going to get a fair trial in New York.

No, it’s not too early to know. You can read the comments all over the Internet and you can listen to the MSM. You can even read your Bible and know everything God has been telling us in His word points directly to rulers and authorities. It’s not between Democrat and Republican or black and white. This fight is between good and evil whether in the world or in our soul, it’s between God and the ruler of this world. The signs are there and those who use their authority for nefarious purposes are destined for destruction.

A quick google answered this. The statute of limitations pauses when the defendant is out of state, which Trump was for most of those 5 years.

The US is hopelessly divided. I watched the fight. I was happy to see the Trump supporter lose.

A quick google answers the statute of limitation.

A convenient loophole.

That’s not really true. The Right has never been more united.

Never pass up a chance to celebrate loss.

Trump’s own words in 2016: President under felony indictment would create ‘constitutional crisis’.

Not as good as Bernie’s plan, but a start.

This FBI agent lost his security clearance. He was outrageously and excessively punished for disclosing his support for Trump. Congress needs to investigate who, why and how long they have been practicing lewd bias.